1. So clearly explained and demonstrated. Your videos are great for boosting my confidence as a first time dog owner. When I get my puppy next month I should be well versed in the McCann methods! Thank you.

  2. in the hand feeding bit, how long do you actually hand feed your puppy? And should you do this all the time during feeding or should it be a once a day as a training exercise?

  3. So I have been searching, but cannot find a video helping with a super timid puppy. He is scared of everything, which makes training virtually impossible.. he runs from treats or commands. Slowly but surly he has gotten to concept of going outside but at 4 months I still have to go out with him, and watch for signs like a bran new puppy. if you put him out back he will sit next to the door and cry … I’m so sad I don’t no what to do with him or why he is like this.. please help

  4. Great video! My puppy is 8 weeks, and she responds well to training, even at this age, she is getting better at being outdoors, but its winter and I live in Alaska (she has a little doggie sweater to keep her warm) it's often a struggle to keep her outside for more than a potty break, and I need her to understand snow and be okay with being outside in it. I am concerned I am not getting her excercised enough outdoors therefore she can be over excitable indoors. How can I help her feel safer about going outside with me and that it can be fun? I've uses some treat and toy rewards but we cant seem to expand that threshold beyond 5 minutes before she begins to cry and run towards the front door. I appreciate your time, you guys are great!!!👍

  5. I have a pit bull/coonhound mix named odin and a mini dashound named Roscoe I have noticed lately that Odin is becoming jealous of Roscoe and even slightly aggressive they are both 8 weeks old I really want this to work having a larger dog and smaller dog in the home without fear of the smaller dog getting hurt. Any suggestions?

  6. help my puppy is a 7 in a half week old germen shepherd keeps biting me and it hurts and she has chew toys but does not mind them and when we give her chew toys by hand she just gets our hand.

  7. i wish you lived in scotland, i need help with my border collie she turned 10 weeks on monday i got her at 9 weeks old. i've only had her a week and she is starting to learn but she gets very bored so quickly! she is not my first border collie. i have another one who is nearly 15 years old in october. i forgot how hard it is raising puppies lol.

  8. I think you should do a video with your instructor (Julie) and her mixed breed rescue dog that you recently posted on Instagram. You could talk about things that are the same and things that are different with a rescue dog. I love your channel and I find it really useful but I notice that you do a lot of videos with really young puppies from breeders. I think a video explaining how to deal with quirks or bad experiences in their past life would be really useful. I know for me, when I brought home my 6 month old rescue pup last fall, I was overwhelmed because she seemed so set in her ways and very few youtube videos addressed that.

  9. Ahh I wish I saw this video 2 weeks ago when I got my puppy at 8 weeks. Is there still hope to start these training techniques now that he's had a taste of reckless 'freedom'?

  10. My Corgi Puppy is coming tomorrow and I’m honestly so excited to teach him the amazing things I’ve learnt from watching your videos. Thank you for everything!

  11. Such a cute puppy! You mentioned that she eats raw food, we also feed our puppy that but use kibble for training (especially when we are out and about). I've noticed that we go through A LOT of kibble so at this point she actually eats more kibble than raw. I'm confident that our kibble is good quality and appropriate for puppies, but it would be nice to feed her more of the raw stuff. Do you (or Mark) have any tips on how to do this?

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