1. This acne guide “Kαtοnοz tdα” (Google it) will give you clear, short and all the details you`ll need. I eventually recognize what is behind my acne outbreak at age of 40+! I now know what acne remedy I should choose after I read this guide. .

  2. Why bother making a video if you are going to cross your hand in front of camera.
    Re: juicy ones – there is a video of those out there & it's an absolute bloodbath with a saturated cotton ball.

  3. This could have been the best video if the first 6 minutes were deleted and it showed the entire forehead getting drained.  Such a shame.  And yes it was a stolen video.

  4. Sorry, this only makes it much more worse! Cross contamination! The problem is not on the face, the end result is indeed reflected on the face. The problem is hormones and very VERY oily skin… medicine for your gut and exfoliating with medicated soap. Stop all oily foods! Take your ass to a dermatology clinic yesterday! This can be cured but it takes time , discipline and dedication.

  5. Love how they go after the tiny ones you can't see before going to the ones they accidentally pop, then right there are the ones with the pus just about to pop and they go passed these! What a world

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