1. No warm up, yakking nonsense the entire time, too fast movements that make NO physiological sense.
    I see this woman is still preaching bs. Most worthless waste of time anyone could ever spend doing a "workout".

  2. I saw an interview with J Lo who does Tracy's workouts (and who doesn't want a body like Jennifer Lopez???) and so decided to give Tracy's workouts a try.

    This workout is absolutely terrible. I am a certified personal trainer and unless I had been working out with a client and assessed their fitness level as advanced, I would never recommend these moves…..especially in a 13 minute workout where your body is not properly warmed up.

    The leg work is downright dangerous for your back and because you have to watch Tracy to see what she's doing (she also switches sides with no transition), you're craning your neck as well. She's also doing these moves way too fast.

    Does she assume everyone has the fitness level of J Lo or Gwyneth? I guess so. But if you couldn't do this workout, do not beat yourself up at all. It's meant for advanced exercisers who have a trainer right there with them to correct their form.


  3. She keeps doing those stupid arm movements. If you notice, she is not in that great of shape. And that side leg lift is downright dangerous to do. It misaligns the entire hip area and back.

  4. love most of them but the knee work on just a mat is so hard on anyone's knees – eventually causing a knee injury. Non-invasive things like swimming or alternative exercises will be easier on the kneed and create the same results:)

  5. Thank you! I used to be a hard core metamorphosis girl, and this is the first time I’ve been able to fit in excessive since the baby 9 months ago, thanks for making a short thing I did it in the kitchen while making soup

  6. While I loved the moves of the workout, it was sped up through ellipsing transition times. This means you have to pause the video – and for something that requires focus – it throws off the whole momentum.

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