1. I was gonna wash my hair but decided to wait one more day to try this rice water technique. My hair has been suffering 😭 hopefully this is the solution I needed. Thank you!

  2. I never thought about using rice water as a prepoo! Thank you for the suggestion. I usually use it after I condition my hair. Im curious to know how your hair has responded in the past 5mths.

  3. @jeanettejbeauty I'm sorry to ask a random question unrelated to your video but can you recommend something to cover up the play dough smell of shea moisture's JBCO line? My hair loves it but I'm suuuuuuper sensitive to how my hair smells, so I've not used it in years but my hair misses it😫

  4. Hello JJB, I'm a new subscriber and I'm wowed at what the potential my hair might have if I "give my hair the love and tlc it needs and deserves" (jjb). That being said I'm in! So my first challenge was the rice water DYI. That process took me at least 4 hours because I wasn't as organized as you were and had to stop the video several times as i was trying to be so on point with every little detail. I still left out details like I did not rinse out the rice prepoo I just took the heat cap off and shampooed my hair with the rice rinse still in! The second biggest mistake ever was using the sink for this process oh my gosh can I just say my back hurts! So my first experience wasn't the greatest, I had quite a bit of shedding and I never got the moisture in my hair until it got so late in the morning 3 a.m. so I used Shea Butters mask and slept in it until later that morning. I rinsed it out my hair and it was a little moisturized . I used a bunch of product trying to get some moisture in my hair. Please help me get some moisture in my hair! I don't know if the rice water was too potent because something came up and I could not use it in 24 hours so it fermented several days but I used your advice and diluted it . I'm thinking I could be one of those girls who is protein sensitive my hair also was a little difficult keeping it detangled through the whole process until I applied something really thick which was the mask . I used some Jamaican oil to give it a little slip. That helped minimally. So what do you think ?maybe I missed a step or the protein was too much for my hair. Should I prepare a water and moisturizer and twist up or just wait until my next shampoo in a week?
    Thanks Tonya

  5. Great job, I just made a batch. Sitting overnight. I added different oils because I didn't have hemp seed oil. Excited to try it tomorrow….Where do you get your plastic caps? I always only find the clear 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. new subscriber ❤️✨ thanks for the video ma’am. i’m getting a big chop sometime next week over midwinter break so i’m excited to start to get serious about my natural hair journey. i shall be watching more of your videos!!

  7. Jeanette,
    I love following your YT as you always have been one of the natural hair bloggers with so much knowledge about healthy hair care, but I know this rice water trend isn’t for everyone. I’m not protein sensitive at all but this seems so gimmicky. How you take care of your hair definitely attributes to the health of your hair, however, rice water is not going to make your hair grow any longer. Genetic factors are responsible for the density, length, color and texture of hair. Also growth depends on genetics and how we maintain and care for our hair. This is why I feel rice water is a gimmick. Moisturizers, conditioners, protective hair styles and hot oil treatments are good ways to promote hair growth…like you’ve been showcasing on your channel. A lot of women are jumping on this rice water bandwagon and in the end growing their hair will be the least of their worries due to the potential of excessive exposure to protein and the potential to snap their hair. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Jeanette JBeauty 💝the moisture in ure hair looks wondedful💧💧💧⚘fluffy & moisturized juicy twist🙌🏽ure hair is sooo Thicker & the length u hd previously cut off when u had the blonde👼🏽(whc I loved as well very much)💕, is not only grown back in its place,but retained even thicker👼🏽 lookg foward 2ur vids & enjoy, learng uve gvn us goals,uve gvn me/us hope💕 😍🙏🏽⚘⚘ure greatly appreciated👼🏽👼🏽

  9. Jeanette JBeauty ⚘🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽THIS is the Vid I've been requesting when u ws decidg wht to do next in the comment section bout 2mos ago🙌🏽🤗(I'm sure others did as well),not just sayg me😄),but I know how ure into moisture 💧💧& I didn't see any vids on ths rice water kick off everyone is Raving about & WoW😍, URE mix w the hemp seed oil is a def try, ure a Beautiful Beauty💝TY Well Done!!!!

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