1. this movie was so powerful on so many levels. It expressed how sometimes the simplest approaches, observations, and especially feelings, are the most important. Its so easy to get caught up in all the smoke an mirrors, but the true magic, and power behind all of that, is what lies beneath.

  2. I know this movie is fantasy. But fact is, children like this get born from time to time.
    They can figure out free energy like Nikola Tesla, for instance. They can eliminate all human disease. But how would that serve the pharma racket? How would that serve the energy racket? But the evil Satan worshipping oligarchy that runs this world will have nothing to do with them. When Satan offered jesus Christ all the kingdoms of the earth to him for one act of obeisance Jesus never disputed Satan's right to offer those kingdoms to him . Jesus knew those were Satan's property and he had the right to give them to anyone he chose.

    This old world is dying away and a new world is coming.

  3. Amazing. This is what Hollywood is forgetting or has forgotten. Stories that appeal and has a message, clothed minimally in special effects and with moral to it's ending that is both lavish and adearing.

  4. Really a little girl. Beginning of movie.
    Ok I'm really interested 45 mins.
    Ok 1 hr later. I am impressed. Very good movie. Better then I expected.
    End of movie. I actually cried.
    More of suspense movie. 👍

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