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  2. Hey Jo , my elbow hurts when i try to straighten it , so i cant do that 2nd one and when i straighten my right arm , it hurts so bad so i cant straighten it, can you please give some advice , thanks Jo !

  3. Lo and behold I just woke up a day with a so bad elbow (the right side) that I couldn’t even move any finger or the arm in anyway without a lot of pain, and btw my fingers were all swollen; and the pain is exactly in that point that you point or touch in your video. I got muscles creams and advil, and kt tapes… after one week it is a bit better, at least I can hold things and move the arm without pain, and no swollen anymore, but no grabbing with any kind of weight, no weight or pressure, no no!
    Well my question is coming, Where or how I can start?! Because just looking to your “exercises” make me feel pain in my elbow! But I want to do something to recover… I need to. Yes I work with cleaning and it’s a lot of repetitive motions and that “spray-bottle” hand motion all the time; what probably got my elbow worn out. Thank you in advance for your attention.

  4. I wanted to ask if it is ok to continue physical activity, using the elliptical or jumping rope? I recently developed chronic tennis elbow and I believe it was from gripping the elliptical arms to hard. It is still questionable. If you can let me know what you think I respect any advice.

  5. Doc, how long does it usually take for this to heal? I'm a pretty avid weightlifter and had a incline bench shift on me about a month ago and I've been having a pain ever since. I really don't want to stop lifting and wait for it to heal but the pain isnt getting better. I'm going to start with these exercises!

  6. THANK YOU…. farmer here been in pain for probably six months, never realized tennis elbow was actually wrist muscles, thank you for your time and caring… awesome video

  7. I had an radial fracture back 7 weeks ago, got operated with k wires and screw. It has much improved flexion wise but extension is not full like normal plus its tilt from elbow as well
    Can I recover fully or how much more time to back on normal activities like sports and bike ride

  8. Hello, my doctor got booted out of my insurance and hoping to avoid finding a new one till he can get back on my plan which he is in process and trying to find out why they booted him out. Haven’t started any exercise regiment but have had the issue 5-6 weeks and rest alone hasn’t worked. Some days are better but then something happens to make worse.

    If I start these stretches how long should I give them before getting to doctor? As I can find another it’s just a hassle.

    Biggest and hardest thing is I think the healing periodically gets derailed cause I’ll sleep on the arm with bent elbow and wrist. The mornings I wake up like that are worst will get 7 out of 10 pain on movement otherwise just 4osh. Might you have any suggested devices you seen to help discourage belly sleepers to not crush their arm? I mean I don’t fall asleep like that somehow I end up that way through the night.

  9. Hey jo, I bought the elbow brace but it’s the fleshy area where its supposed to sit and a little further down that hurts the most. Will it still be effective? Thanks for all your help :)!

  10. Thank you so much for the video! I have had the worst tennis elbow for a month, it got so bad, there was shooting pain going down my arm. I iced my arm, but cream on my arm twice a day, took Bayer every day, but nothing relieved the pain until I found this video! I’ve been doing the stretches in this video, twice a day, for 3 days now, and my arm has been tremendously better!

  11. Hello Doctor Jo i wanted to thank you for the explanation you gave us, and wanted to ask you if tennis elbow does make a craking sound too? I suddenly have this issue on my elbow, it started to hurt me a lot to a point i couldn't even hold my body agains't a wall. Went to a doctor and they told me i had arthritis inflamation, but your exercises improved my arm in just one session..what should i do. Thanks for your video

  12. Thank you for your informational video, it helps a lot to know what to do to make the tennis elbow better/stronger. How long should I wait to the the strengthening exercises? When should I start doing the stretches? I started noticing pain when I pick up things as simple as a water bottle and I am at almost 4 weeks into the injury. I am using the elbow brace but my arm still hurts, when should I do the exercises? What is the healing time? When can I start doing upper body (weigh lifting) exercises at the gym? Thank you in advance for your words of wisdom.

  13. This video is the real deal. Genuine advice from a pro, which is not always found easily. Thank you. YouTube should really make this the first video that pops up when searching for tennis elbow advice.

  14. Hi Jo, have had tennis elbow from weights for 4 months now and it has been so painful that the doc. has put me on the strongest pain killers but it does not help. I have been told that it can last for 6 months to a year. I have been doing your tutorial for a while now, does the pain go eventually or can it take a year. i dare not go to the gym at the moment but is it ok to swim. Doing no gym work is killing me. By the way I am 80 years old…but don't look it..been going to the gym for the last 50 years….

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