1. I get the plant based aspect, but what's issue with oils and salt? Salt is not bad for you. In fact low-sodium diets have been shown to be more harmful to people's health in the long run than even very high salt diets. People have been eating large amounts of sodium for literally thousands of years. Also, healthy natural fats help regulate your appetite and are in no way bad for you. It's probably not a great idea to eat them in excess when you're eating the amount of carbs you're eating, but you can cook with a little oil. It's totally fine.

  2. Hi, I've started following you on YouTube. I'm on the verge of going vegan. Thanks for all the great recipes. One complaint, though: when you use canned beans, you should give the equivalent in dried beans for those of us who want to pressure cook our own. I'm sure you've noticed that canned bean labels are devious about the amount. They make you jump through hoops to figure out how many cups are in a can. I'm not sure why you guys don't make your own beans from scratch when it's so easy in the instant pot, but that's your choice. It would be helpful to your public, though, if you told us how many dried beans to cook in a particular recipe. thanks.

  3. Absolutely loving your content! I'm currently entering week 2 of eating just potatoes (inspired by Penn + yourselves) and am stocking up on loads of different recipes through your channel + others on YouTube. Thanks so much for the inspiration, y'all are doing amazing!!!

  4. I always hated ketchup, because i don't like the sugary, sweet taste it usually has (or at least all store-bought types have), so this recipes seems perfect for me to experiment and adjust the level of sweetness to my liking! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. You can buy organic date syrup. I checked the ingredients and it's the whole date and nothing was added to it. I make taco sauce and freeze some of it. You might try that with catsup.

  6. Hi Brian and Jessica. My wife and I decided to make your ketchup recipe. After a fundamental mis-hearing of the amount of one of the ingredients we ended up making 6 times the amount intended. That said, this has ruined store bought ketchup for us forever. Such a great recipe.

  7. Mmmm, lovely, I will have to try this!! I only have balsamic white vinegar, do you think I could use that or would it be too strong? Also, I bet you could freeze some if you make a bit too much, thanks

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