1. hola buenas noches, hay algo que no entiendo cuando llegue a tú canal me quedé ,no se inglés pero me encanta como te maquillas hermoso tengo 51 años nunca me he podido comprar todo lo necesario para poder Lucir como tú de bella pero seguiré viendo y soñando algún día poder Lucir hací de hermosa te mando bendiciones eres grande tú amiga Mary Anguiano Puebla México lo mejor para el 2020

  2. Hi I was on likee u commented back to me it may not be much to many but OMG to me I was screaming I was so happy it was actually today tysm that made my day!👋❤️❤️

  3. Honestly LOVED the look James created! At first, watching the video, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical… But it ended up looking so amazing! Excited to see any new product James makes in the future! Glad to hear Jame's year has been starting great that's honestly amazing to hear! And for everyone else, sorry your year hasn't been all that great but I mean it could and most likely will get better, stay positive! Smile and live your best life because at any moment anything could happen. Take care, everyone (You too James Charles, much love for you)!

  4. I really admire your strength and power. You inspire me to be a better person and I’m truly thankful for you! We love you James! Sending you big hugs and a lot of good energy! Hell yeah, 2020 is going to be your year, you totally deserve it!!

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