1. She was still a teen with the pug nose noses take longer to grow up. She got a perfectly shaped grown up nose. That is no nose job. Dr. Builds r not sculptured works of art.

  2. Young Woman that Dresses like an Old Lady. She needs to hired a fashion coordinator for her, definitely…In 2007/2008 + she was really big Over Weight looks older and sloppy, now 2020 she looks much better but, she can get to 145/ Max 160 pounds she will look prettier and healthier.

  3. Well done Adele in a country where obesity is crippling the nhs and taking valuable resources away from those who deserve it. I salute you madam. Now everyone get off there fat asses and do something yourself 👍

  4. I like to think of her in her younger years before the excessive ballooning when she actually had appeal instead of an act of desperation to save what may have been a successful career. No appeal now but her band did at least promote one good song for her.

  5. Adele is a beautiful woman. Had liked her regardless of her weight, but it’s good for her to lose weight primarily for health then for self esteem. Don’t like her as much anymore because of her public political statements.

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