1. Tried it 10 minutes ago, nearly vomited hahah. I really can’t stand it..I’ll eat the plan veggie. Anyway, thank you for all the informations you gave us in this video!❤️

  2. While I follow medical medium on Instagram I’m still skeptic of his claims there isn’t even any scientific research that proves his claims also something I learned during a nutrition course, anything that sounds too good to be true is definitely a red flag when coming across these diet trends

  3. Love your videos valeria! 💜 fellow model here! I am wondering where you got your holistic nutrition education? I am currently looking into getting holistic nutrition credentials and/or going back to school. Would love to know if you got yours online or in person and where if so! 🙏🏼 thank you!! Youre amazing

  4. Do you have a smoothie or juice recipe or demonstration? I want to use a mixer than a juicer. I wonder celery juice should be from a juicer with no fiber and not with fiber (That sounds not so appetizing..) Thanks lots of love and fangirling from TO

  5. “The Medical Medium” is a total and complete quack. A con man. No better than a snake oil salesman, a televangelist, a shady car salesman, or the current US President.

    He claims to be able to speak to a spirit and that spirit gives him all the medical knowledge he needs to “diagnose and heal” people, without ever having to earn one of those pesky medical degrees or medical credentials of any kind.

    He, literally, gets rich off of selling his LIES to the naive, the vulnerable, the desperate, the sick, and the dying.

  6. Valeria you should follow Dr Anjali Mahto on Instagram. She's a well know dermatologist and her tips and posts are science based and she cuts through all the crap information which is out there 🙂

  7. It takes more work (energy) to digest/mechanically breakdown celery than the energy celery gives to you —— benefit of juicing reducing the work & receiving full benefits of that celery (besides loss of fiber if your juicer strains)

  8. I am new to your channel but i already love all the videos you've been posting lately! Do you have a video on how to deal with menstrual cramps, the days before and while your having it. Any exercises to help ease the cramps
    Would be such a help. Please and thank you. -Polina

  9. I was in my local mall and passed by a maternity store and saw you in the window!! Well, not you, but a picture of you lol. Well, i THINK it’s you 🤔🤔😂😂 what I’m saying is I didn’t know you were a model! Forgive me if you’ve mentioned it before, I’m fairly new to your channel.

  10. Can you please do a video on activated charcoal face masks? I've seen a lot in drugstores lately and I can't tell if a) it's actually good and b) which products (cream, mask, etc) are better to use than others.

  11. 1. I love your channel! 2. I am very interested in the topic of nutrition. 3.To this video, as it is an open discussion: Why are specific foods hyped? Celery is healthy. I am sure it has all the benefits you listed. I regularly put it into salads or soups (my kids hate it, but they will have to deal with it occasionally ;)). Can`t we just eat/drink/cook/steam veggies in a easy going way, mixed according to seasonal availability, without trends? My personal experience is that the local climate, the physical work you do, and a measured intake of food are often the best guidelines when it comes to one`s diet…not a focus on a specific ingredient?

  12. Wow! Two of my fav people together (Valeria & Anthony!) i’m an adult critical care nurse of 14 years. Anthony William’s (aka The Medical Medium) info isn’t research-based, peer-reviewed science, but it rings true in my spirit. I’ve seen the results in my own body, as has my family. Do I incorporate ever recommendation, no. But the celery juice & heavy metal detox smoothies give fantastic results. Found his books years ago. Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food!!

  13. This is the kind of video that I was waiting for! Thank you for this one. I was used to drink celery with one apple, but not every day. I think I will start again and will try to stick to it for more than 1 week. I really want some cleanse for my gut and I like the taste. Thank you for good motivation😊

  14. Will celery juice go to work for me too and pay the electricity bill, like is there anything it doesn’t do? 😂 seriously though, I do like celery in my food and I sometimes put it in smoothies, but I don’t see myself doing an all celery juicing program. Good luck with clearing up your skin! ❤️

  15. If you’re just juicing the celery then you’re removing all the pulp which is where all the fiber is right? I thought you had to eat the celery to get the fiber benefits?

  16. Hi Valeria, please make sure you are buying organic celery from a farmer that does not use pesticides otherwise the celery is the most contaminated veggie out there. It soaks up everything.
    btw. You are delightful as always and an absolute joy to watch 🙂

  17. Hi Valeria, I have been following you youtube and instagram since.. I would like to say late 2017, maybe? What keeps me coming back is, you seem like you are such a kind and sincere and genuine person. These traits always shine in your videos and that's what keeps me coming back ,that and me being vegan and cruelty free, i also find your videos interesting. Keep up the great work and all the best for you and your family in 2019. X

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