1. 1967 is when they decided the Earth can not handle the growing population. I’ve been saying this since it was obvious they wanted Trump out his first quarter he went to work They want to turn America into a Communist Country. Trump stands between us and them. Vote Red if you want freedom Vote blue if you don’t
    Those Democrats are indeed imposters Trump is innocent
    You vote these Commies in don’t come crying to us

  2. Oh good, grief all I wanted was the replay for his defense that was going on this morning that I missed! All I get is soundbites of the communist party making up stuff again and again. Where is the replay of ONLY the lawyers in Presidency defense? Call for witnesses why? They said they had overwhelming evidence, and it should have been doing in the house. you do not try to get more during the defense case going forward. people if you were accused, denied due process, and now it is your lawyer's turn to defend you, would you give that back to the communist party that is trying to do a coup with lies? It needs to go back to the house if that is what they want and do it over the right way with due process. No American would condone what they did. We hate it with a vengeance conducted it lie a soviet inquiry instead of with due process and the rights an individual is entitled to in this country,. they need to go work for Putin.

  3. The Democrats have bloviated 12 hours a day for the past 3 days… on and on and on, rehashing, regurgitating the same information over and over and over and over again….. Senators have basically been ignoring the bloviation of the Democrats for the past two 1/2 days. They are only hoping that Trumps legal team makes quick work of the Democrats articles…….. I expect the Presidents Lawyers to rest their arguments after 6 to 8 hours maximum on Saturday……. What I don't expect is that one single witness will be called to testify……. The reason is that the witness testimony which was restricted and directed in the House will be open to cross examination by the Presidents legal team……
    This could pose massive problems for the Democrats, placing their impeachment investigation on trial and how they obstructed fairness in that investigation…. The Democrats could not survive such testimony…

  4. Unbelievable!!!! 75 years after Churchill's letter to President Truman and the "Russians are Coming" narrative is still being spewed out of these lying DEMONcrat's mouths. Schiff now says Russians will attack us in our homeland what a fear-monger.

    Soooo tired of reading their lies. I don't listen to one word Schiff Pelosi or Schumer say.

    Get over yourselves because we were Never Under you.

  5. Tweets the twittish Senate-seat-warmer Marsha Blackburn about Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Vindman:

    “How patriotic is it to badmouth and ridicule our great nation in front of Russia, America’s greatest enemy?”

    Bzzz! Since at least as far back as that inauspicious date Friday 20 January 2017 (the world laughs when it remembers those and-I-mean-them-most-insincerely words “I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States, so help me God”) the USA’s greatest enemy has been itself .

    Anyway, where’s the House Un-American Activities Committee when the nation really needs it?

  6. SMH…The slime-ball Sekalow and Cipollone…using the 'ol Conservative 'pin the blame on the guys across the aisle' tactic,. They do the same thing when wrecking the economy– somehow frame it and attributed to 'the Left' -. as was the case when destroying the economies of cities like Detroit at the state-level: PRIOR majority Republican bodies of law-makers implementing all these laws that clearly benefit ONLY corporations and the wealthy, all awhile killing and depriving everyone else in the economic hierarchy …THEN- when the overall economy falls through– passes the buck! THEN give themselves a pay-raise! They're pathetic!

  7. Democrook Adam Schiff read a fake version (that he made up himself) of Trump's conversation with Zelensky and then claimed that it was the actual conversation. Now we're supposed to take him seriously? He's a lying scumbag. The Democrats are clowns, pure and simple. They are traitors to this country and should be treated accordingly. Treason is a capital offense…

  8. The Dems go on talking about how Bolton wants to talk, but then in their rebuttal talk about how he said if they subpoena him he will sue them… meaning he doesn't in fact want to talk. Which would make everything the Dems said suspect and some of it out right lies that they end up outing themselves.

  9. "It's NOT our JOB to do the job of the US House of Representatives…we will NOT allow witnesses and documents here in the US Senate trial because witnesses and documents will PROVE that Trump is GUILTY." ~Republican Senators

  10. What do think Obama to the war zone with Russia Obama sent t he Government blanket and MIRE's what Obama ? to shoot MIRE, at Russia and give the Russia a Blank Party lol what stump think WE PEOPLE are figen Dump ******* it all BS so give dam stove so the Dam can clear up figen BS on the floor wast spot !!

  11. The whole world is watching this charade. And you, Americans, call this democracy? A sham "trial" where the Republicans block everything to protect their criminal President? It stinks.

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