1. Your suggestions are very thoughtful, especially when you mentioned checking their social media accounts like Instagram or pinterest. Even though some people, especially the younger crowd might do that automatically, a lot of gift givers don't necessarily think about it. Very thoughtful to take the time; even if it's not exactly what the gift receiver wanted they will know thought went into the choice. I reckon this video is going to be shared with a few bfs and husbands (among others)

  2. Those were all great suggestions. I know one thing, hubby bought me something from Ulta in a big pink box. It's sitting under the tree just taunting me! I am so curious as to what he could have possibly gotten me.

  3. Love these gift ideas, esp travel-sized brush set (sometimes I prefer using that size because I feel I have more control; they fit better in my hand). Also love candles; Jo Malone set is out of my budget, but I could create a set with 4 or 5 small candles from TJ Maxx (they have some great scents from Sand & Fog and DE Home 🥰). A friend gave me a mini Laura Mercier hand cream (Rich Fig) that I LOVE — creamy, emollient, and smells divine! On my wish list: Becca highlighter (Chocolate Geode); lip care set (scrub, balm, mask) from Bite Beauty or Fenty; full-size Drunk Elephant Beste jelly cleanser and Protini Polypeptide Cream (I got the trial size as a Sephora birthday perq this year and love them!)

  4. Every year I buy my niece false eye lash sets. Ardell and Eye Lure has great sets. Also she likes MAC so I buy her a nude lip gloss set. For my other niece I buy eye shadow palettes and lip sets that I love myself. I got her one of the Fenty lip gloss sets. My mom like long wearing lip sticks and Caudalie skin care.

  5. I love how you add the links for more than one store. It makes it easier to buy and also to use for you !!! Your ideas are BOMB. I want to smell Jo Malone so bad. The descriptions sound so good. Thanks

  6. I would so love to afford that Rephr set! Sigh. I would love the SimpleHuman mirror. Lighting is so bad in my apartment. We have a $50 max on our Xmas gifts and do a name drawing. I asked for a Zadro mirror but a little birdie told me I am getting spoiled and will be receiving the SimpleHuman mirror!!! Can’t wait!

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