1. I started clean Keto 3 days ago, before I started I didn’t eat much anyway.

    Anyway with Keto, I’ve only been getting a little more than 1,000 calories a day. And I really can’t eat anymore than that without stuffing myself. What should I do?

    Btw all my macros ratios are as they should be for Keto.

  2. My understanding is that the goal is to sustain a lower caloric intake but it isnt as simple as just cutting calories and eating anything u want (thats if u wanna eat crap food)

    Keto is a tool that helps you feel more satisfied and eliminates cravings, because we arent getting wild highs and lows in insulin… also we need to focus on giving the body the nutrition it needs, otherwise we will just be starving… whether eating 1000 kcals or 10,000 kcals… our cells are starving without proper nutrition….

    So really we need to get a few dietary habits in place before we have any hope of sustaining a low term calories deficit.. and long term weight loss…

  3. So for all the noobs who said you can eat what you want in ketosis that's wrong, it's the same If you consume more than 2000 calories you gain weight, what a fuckin retards denying calorie is not calorie

  4. Is insulin raised according to the amount of food you eat or is it just measured by frequency of eating?
    So if i ate a 200 kcal meal (keto)
    Would insulin spike less than if i ate a 2000kcal meal?

  5. At 6ft 220lbs I've lost weight eating 4000 calories a day eating keto and I still feel great so a calorie in no way is a calorie, but if consuming processed junk sugars and processed carbohydrate packaged foods yes calories matter because these all cause high blood sugar and spike insulin which is the main fat storage hormone

  6. Nope. "Calorie is calorie" is false idea. There's also hormonal system which is crucial. Different source of calories will affect hormones in different ways.

  7. Video Suggestion/Question. When I drink coffee in the morning (with heavy cream) breaking my fast, 1 cup will last me hours… question.. Does this effect insulin in a bad way because it almost becomes a never ending meal?

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