1. I use Honey and a tablespoon of Xylitol to add some sweetness to my smoothies. I'm hoping the xylitol will prevent some tooth decay that might come from the acids from the fruit and Orange juice I add in.

  2. It would have been better if I discovered this “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) a couple of years back. I dropped 12 pounds in 3 weeks so far. Obviously I exercise a few times weekly, and eat well. The result shown to me is amazing. I definitely suggest the product, wish it works as good for you because it really does for me. .

  3. But, chewing the fruits and berries will release enzymes to the saliva that starts the digestion already in the mouth. Drinking it skips this important phase.
    Mix the smoothies with crushed oats so that there is chewing afoot.

  4. I drinks smoothies everyday day and night without adding any sugar. I add honey or dates for the sweetness. Smoothies makes me full all day long and best for loosing weight 👍🏻

  5. This came out just when I was researching more ‘ structured ‘ smoothie recipes… Id also recommend ginger in smoothies as well.. definitely gives it a kick; but with the right ingredients its delish!

  6. Here is a simple way to boost your smoothies or protein drinks. Create a mixture of powders of your choosing. I use: raw cacao, sprirulina, chlorella, moringa, camu camu, and cinnamon. When I make my protein drink, I add a spoonful of my mixture and I get a small amount of each on a regular basis.

  7. Recently I started drinking a smoothie with protein powder, frz banana, cocoa nibs and almond milk. i was surprised how full it kept me for so long. Oppose to my fruit heavy smoothies I used to drink. I'm guessing your advise is why. Thanks curly Corrina❤

  8. Use to drink them twice a day: Frozen bananas, soy milk, and PB Fit peanut butter powder. Absolutely delicious and I can make it as thick as I want depending on amount of soy milk. A little cinnamon is nice.

  9. Smoothies are bullshit. It's proven that eating fruits, vegetables, seeds and all other stuff they put in smoothies as a whole/out of the palm is much healthier than putting it through a blender.

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