1. I have a 08 Mercedes gl320 cdi (diesel) and I hear I need to buy a truck. I have airbags and power is 400lb of torque and hear people are doing fine towing with it. Couple trailer looking at is 4800 dry.

  2. I watched some of the video. I’m towing with a Ram 1500, the trailer I bought last year was previously towed with a Ford F-150. The 2014 Ram I’m using has the 5.7 Hemi gas engine with automatic trans, plus tow haul. The truck was ordered with the tow package and a 3.92 rear gear ratio which really helps. If you don’t know what your gear ratio is, call your dealer parts department and give them your vin number, they will tell you. I’m towing a travel trailer with a 6200lb dry weight and 32ft overall length. No airbags on the rear axle of the truck, I just use a good equalizer hitch with sway control. It’s a good setup but I wish I had a dually for towing on windy days!!

  3. I have been towing my 25' Keystone RV trailer with a 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat 4×4 (2.7L Ecoboost) .. and so far it has been doing very very well. It is a bit smaller truck, but we were able to deck it out for less money than an F150. Plus, it is nicer and easier to drive for daily use. It is easier to park than an F150, but nearly as roomy inside. The Ranger isn't as powerful as the F150, but does boast 309HP with a whole lot of torque. So far, our Ranger has been perfect for our RV trailer setup.

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