1. Shoot I got no money to follow any certain diet, I’m literally wearing flip flops to work out in my house with no equipment just me and my floor cause I can’t afford shoes or a gym membership I have a kid and college I’m paying for. Not asking for handing out just wishing I could find a good free treadmill and a pair of shoes lol

  2. Important question I would like to know. I've just started my weight loss journey. When will I know when it platues. Is there a way to figure out when the weight loss platues?

  3. Love the Info. As a professional photographer and videographer. I don’t get why you keep going from front angle to side. The side angle takes away from the great info you’re providing.

  4. Everyone else, and even those who went from being obese agrees that there's no way to target fat, but instead you just have to lose fat in general. Your body automatically takes fat from different areas of the body to store energy once you spike metabolism. At least this is the general consensus.

  5. Aye boss. I’m on a PPL routine with one test day a week. Can I do HIIT on my rest day or leg day? Or just on push day (before leg day).

    So far with diet alone I’ve lost 91 pounds and now feel comfortable entering the gym now that I’m not as obese. 40 more to go

  6. Hearing about intermittent deficit is really good. I have no formal understanding of the science behind it, but this is what I have been doing and it really does work. After I reach a certain goal, like 5-10kg I will just maintain it for a month or less. Then I go back to being in a deficit, and my body reacts to this so well and it is much easier to lose weight. It also gives your body a break. I thought I would have been alone with this, but it is good to hear!

  7. Brix you are the best!!! i have been following you for years now and have taken alot of your advice, i recently jumped out of my comfort zone and now im on focus to loosing weight. (my personal goal) ive even just created a youtube channel to follow my progress and keep me accountable :). my first vlog is posted. i would love some support/feedback so please hit my subrscribe and check it out. thanks

  8. Brix! My journey is real similar to yours. I started at 300lbs. I got all the way down to 220lbs and now im back up to 255-260. Ive been stuck here for a while now. I feel like giving up quite often because this plateau feels like its never going to end. But every time I watch one of your vids it keeps me motivated. So thank you sir!

  9. I play basketball (5×5 scrimmage) for 3 hours every sunday, is this good quality HIIT? Because its a lot of stop/start at high intensity.

    Can you demonstrate a variety of HIIT exercises that could be done in the gym? using gym equipment.

  10. I have a question for you, my 30th birthday is in January, I wanted to get myself to 135, I'm was 145.6lbs when I started exercising. I started doing everything that I've been doing, got myself all the way down to 140.9. then I tore my gluteus medius muscle. The doctors put me on muscle relaxers, one of which was a steroid. I since gone from 140.9 to 149.3 naturally and 150.6 when I eat. I've been trying everything and my scale wouldn't budge, since I have to keep taking my pills until I'm fully healed. I don't want to be a fatty for my birthday, since my dude and I are going away to Tobago and I need to beach ready. Help.

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