1. Amazing faves, kind of off topic but could you please do a tutorial on the "CT" Starry eyes to Hypnotise . I just bought it and I'd love to see how you use it 😘 thank you so much .

  2. Hi Lisa! Love your videos and thanks for sharing your favorite products. Can you swatch your products more precisely? I know you did a quick one and it was hard for me to see the shine, texture and colors.

  3. Ooooh, a couple of products I haven’t tried yet! Great review! I think you might like the Scott Barnes Mascara, not real thickening but coats and separates each individual lash and stays on all day with no flaking.

  4. I enjoyed your rundown on several products I've been curious about, especially the perfect bronze shades! Have you ever tried an oldie but goodie Maybelline Full and Soft drugstore mascara? I like that one if I run out of my Diorshow.

  5. IDK, for the price of the TF mattes you could get 12 Viseart matte shadows in any color story. Give them a try in 2020! 💜 Love them so much! The pachaging may not be Lux but the shadows are. 💜💜 I really want to try the Biba palette in 2020.

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