1. Your hair is GORGEOUS. My hair is genetically crappy (thanks mum and dad 😒) so it will never ever look like yours. But you’re still quite an inspiration! I’m trying to do whatever I can to get mine as long and healthy as possible because I hate it short.
    I have a question, do you use heat on your hair? I’m giving up the blow fryer despite it being the only thing that gives my thin flat hair any sort of volume. I think my hair is too fragile to take it.
    Great video. Thanks for the hairspo! 😁✌️🌻

  2. I was told that you shouldn't use cocoanut oil on your scalp because it's a very thick oil and can clog your pores. What do you think about that? I use to really like to use it and now I switched to using argon oil. every once in a while I'll use cocoanut oil on my ends.

  3. Hi Anna! I would like to ask you if it’s better for a blonde like me using castor oil instead of black seed oil! (I’ve started the challenge one month after) Just asking! I am worried it’s going to darken my hair. Thank you I love your channel ❤️

  4. Wonderful results, although your hair looked great before too. :0)
    I made a hair tonic recently that I gave to several people for Christmas. It has over twenty ingredients in it, including cinnamon, coconut oil, cayenne powder, rice water, apple cider vinegar and chlorophyll. It wasn't nearly as complex as polyjuice potion, but it was still mightily involved. :0)

  5. Oh I wanna cry. I’m out of this challenge. These antibiotics I have been taking for a while are making my hair fall out. Getting it cut tomorrow. I’m gutted.

  6. Hi, I’ve heard that coconut oil has a lot of protein and if the hair needs hydration rather than protein, which oil should I use instead? Is olive oil better than almond oil for example or can I just pick whatever? Thaaaanks

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