1. What's up with leaving the long nail pieces growing up the inside of the 3rd and 4th toes on the right foot?
    Sometimes, I feel as though you just want to be done with the patients and you stop unfinished. Very sad if you have become jaded.

  2. Is the term “delayering” occur when you were trimming the patient’s big toes, and with little effort, those larger chunks came off of the nail?

    Thanks for putting the video up.

  3. I was talking to my mom about how many older people aren't able to cut their toenails. My grandma is 97 and currently living in an assisted living home. My mom said I wonder why grandma always wears socks. So she finally got a chance to look at her toenails and they were pretty bad. She never complained about them, so we never thought about that. I'm glad that you make these videos. It helped my Grandma.

  4. It is amazing how much a caregiver will ignore her/his own problems or put off taking care of him/herself when caring for others. This woman is a prime example. Thank you for posting the full video.

  5. I truly HATE walkers! People use them because they have back pain, so hey, let's make them bend in half to use a walker! Go science! 🙄 When the day comes that I need a walker, I'm buying one of the standing walkers that doesn't make me bend in half to use it. WHY did it take so long for someone to figure that out?!

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