1. i dont know everything, but i think this way of handling things by the chinese government may actually spread the disease. let me explain, as people see this kind of treatment, irregardless of whether it is right or wrong.. i think that people might not be forthcoming if they suspect they or a loved one has it, as it is there is very little containment and the numbers keep going up everyday. further, it appears their health system has hit its limits, this means not enough beds or test kits. not to mention the chinese government is known to hide things from the rest of the world, and its own people so the numbers we are getting might not show how bad the situation really is, or its simply unknown and all the intel in the world wouldnt give us an answer. sorry for going on so long..

  2. Does anyone really know the situation or is everyone assuming here? Maybe this family is not wealthy, talented, or important enough to save…. So off to the prison hospital? They were in their apartment……. how many videos have we seen of people being dragged out of their apartments..? Not being taken off the streets..but from their homes, where the gov told them to stay. Maybe they had low "cell phone" social scores?

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