1. Hey gurl, I love your videos so much and I have one request. I don’t really have a lot of hair on my forehead and i was born like that and it’s starting to effect my confidence, can you make a video on how to grow it because I’ve been adding garlic on my forehead because I heard that it grows out the hair. You don’t have to make a video on this or you can just reply with a suggestion. Btw keep up with the good work <33

  2. Bruh the vitamins are not refined to a grade of which they could be absorbed by skin. Can you please explain something behind your claims? When I started watching you, I let all of these make belief sciency- stuff just slide. Now it's way too much. We're not stupid…

  3. I have a question. If I use it as a rinse do I pour it on clean or dirty hair then rinse it out with shampoo or water? If I choose to leave it on do I put it on clean or dirty hair then shampoo?

  4. Hey…..just letting you all know the information that I came to know recently….do not store coconut water in a copper vessel…..it seems that some chemical reaction takes place and turns coconut water poisonous….I don't know how far this is true…but be careful guys……

  5. I hope your upcoming trim is only a small trim and not a big trim and that your next personal hair growth challenge is really ambitious such as seeing how fast you can grow your wonderfully beautiful hair to the floor and beyond.

  6. Thank you Keren for another great hair care video! I live in the cold, snowy north and can't get coconuts 🙁 I can get coconut water in tetra pak, it is not organic, but is non-gmo and has no preservatives, do you think that would be okay? Do they pesticide coconuts on the tree? Thank you and God Bless You.

  7. Your hair already was perfect, but somehow it does get even more perfect with every month … unbelievable. <3 <3 If you should do a trim (hopefully you won't…), dear Keren, please do a moderate one … cutting too much off your hair would be like cutting into one of Rembrandt's or van Gogh's paintings. Your super long hair is a treasure, your treasure..

  8. The sad part is myself living in kerala the land of coconuts (plz search if u don't know) can't even taste tender coconut in the past 1year all i get is the brown coconuts 😭😭if i could climb a coconut tree i will pluck one tender coco. Everyday.. 😏😏😏

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