1. I’ve just turned 18 and I’m 6”2 I wanna be 6”4 so bad and my growth massively peaked when I was 17 so hopefully 😁 I’ll come back in comments in 6 months and update.

  2. Bruh, Im 15, gonna be 16 in a week, sleep 10 hours, eat the most balanced diet out there, extremely athletic, my parents are 5'11, and 5'9, my grandparents are, 5'7 and 5'8 and 5'9 and 6'2. Im currently 5'5. I haven't had a growth spurt yet so im hoping im just the latest bloomer out there. Apparently cuz im almost 16 there isnt much hope and im gonna peak at like 5'8. This baffles me completely. I have zero deficiencies and I dont have any conditions or take medication or smoke or drink coffee/tea. Is there a chance that im just gonna grow until 20 or am I screwed. (im a dude btw)

  3. Hey..abraham..I found it perfect ..And almost motivated by ur disposition and The tips u share..Care to share any tips regarding the Tips or techniques for Singers getting their throat clear and bold voice,,there any?

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