1. The main neurological disease is the multiple sclerosis there is no worst than this disease after cancer

    I would be glad if for one time multiple sclerosis had the right meaning for everyone! Cause when you say "i have multiple sclerosis" they say "is this a flue??"

  2. im 23 and it has progressed for my since i was a teen its so bad i cant even go out to dinner without the fear of choking in public my dad has it too but he doesn't have it as bad as me ive seen him choke on just liquids though for me anytime i eat its a 50-50 chance of having to spit some food out not a fun thing to have especially if your into weight lifting and having to eat lots of food throughout the day

  3. My body like when I swallow food (including drinks) it really hurts for 3 seconds every time I swallow 😭 and when I cough my somewhere hurts and I can’t even laugh 😭😭

  4. I have had trouble breathing for the past two weeks now, my heart and chest have been aching, now all of a sudden it's hard to swallow! 😢 Whenever I'm eating and I swallow, it feels like the food is stuck in my throat. I drink water, and after it feels like it's gone but now it's hard to eat meals and I don't know what this is and why it's happening, but I'm really struggling, I'm only ten and I am also having trouble going to school like this. Please help.

  5. I had tubes put down my throat when I was approx. 5 or 6 years old for a stomach pumping. I thoughts mums pills were sweeties and ate them. My eating was normal then and up to around 10 years of age. I choked on a fish bone and around that time have had swallow problems ever since….sometimes feel its going the wrong way and panic. Led to swallowing small amounts and longer meal times….very slow eater now.
    Are these events connected or did the tubes damage me when I went to hospital???
    This was 40 years ago……hate this condition live in secret with it…….

  6. I almost died of choke I eat a tiny piece of food and I chocked and went to hospital i felt something in my throat trying to fix my throat(forgot the name) I screamed but yet my parents didn’t do anything cause that would make it worse so they let me scream of pain tears came down my eyes eventually it was all over I choked 3 times the second time I tried drinking water but didn’t help so my grandad had to get the food out by doing stuff with my back didn’t work out really well I chocked and some food came out I hided it in the draw and my grandmother told me off while I was choking I could speak it was horrifying but few minutes later it eventually came out of my throat till this day it still happened but it’s not a big deal all I do is just drink a cup of water and it’s gone but I’m scared one day it’s gonna happen again to be warned always take your time on eating don’t rush or you gonna end up like me but luckily I was still alive to this day sometimes I feel like my body is trying to kill its self or in other words shut down

    Take your time when your chewing 🙂
    Have a good day and stay safe

  7. This site is very helpful to learn and understand how to swallow for moving food down through esophagas it should to go down to stomach. My mother has had a trouble
    with dysphasia since last spring. Thank you so much.

  8. I am a speech language pathologist who works with dysphagia patients. I have invented a throat exerciser for dysphagia and I have had very good results with this device for several years now. Many hospitals, rehab centers, and dysphagia patients are using this device now and giving us very good feedback. For more information, see alternativespeech.com.

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