1. Hey, I'm new to MFP and I'm noticing something wrong with the app.. I've seen it in your video as well

    So, it says that you've consumed
    Carbs 201g
    Fat 42g
    Protein 116g

    You add it up and you 359g of macros

    % wise, it shows
    Carbs 49%
    Fat 23%
    Protein 28%
    And this makes NO sense at all cause:

    Carbs: 201 / 359 = 56%
    Fat: 42 / 359 = 12%
    Protein 116 / 359 = 32%

    MFP seems to calculate everything wrong.. or is it just me? Perhaps there is a nutritional explanation, any idea?

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  3. Very helpful! I am new to macros, so this video was encouraging. I do think it will take some tweaking to meet my daily goals. To my surprise my previous way of eating was exceeding the carb goals and coming up very short with the protein. Great video.

  4. Alissa, I know I'm older than you are, I know I have hypothyroidism, and I know I work out about every second day rather than every day like you do, but I've just learned I'm eating approximately two thirds of the calories that you are. I think that's hilarious. You're so lucky! But I'm not hungry. In fact, I tried out "lose it" when I started this program, but as my weight dropped, they reduced my caloric intake. They currently have me down around 721 calories a day! Anyone over the age of 10 needs more than that, so I now use myfitnesspal's numbers (1000 – 12000) but aim for the low end of it. If I come in between 900 – 1000, it seems to work best for me. Enjoyed your video, as always.

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