1. C-19 is only Dangerous if you are poor no joke IV been personally reviewing all these deaths and it looks way worst then it actually is and don't forget Ebola is comeing back on tour this summer make sure you share bush meat awareness I'm F***in serious no Jokeing C19 is a the least scary thing I can think of that we are gonna see this Decade the Italians are being hit hard cause they have lots of very intimate human on Human contact such as kissing each outher on the checks hugs and hand shakes keep it G fist bump no C19 for me it's spreading amongst CDC Employees on Twitter and Facebook Rember keep it G fist bump no C19 for me that's yours to have CDC for free just give it a Dr Jackson Shout out in the disrisption

  2. We have a office pool going on up to 95 thousand dollars I'm the only one saying C-19 is the Ebola Clapp all over again and I can also officially confirm North Korea has zero cases I have no clue how this is possible but its been confirmed threw my sources and I just flat out asked the homie Lord Kim the greatest gift to North Korea and supreme people's leader of North Korea his title

  3. You in America need to know if you go to your doctor, regular MD they are required to turn you over to the government immediately!
    Please look at Georgia.gov>pda

  4. China controls about 30% of worldwide manufacturing of all products. We are going to start seeing critical supply shortages of many products that the US relies. If we do not start a more aggressive control and testing, the U S will suffer greatly.

  5. Why isn't coronavirus up to date warnings/info being given to US citizens via TV, radio, emergency broadcasting?? This infection is NOT being handled very well. Citizens need to know now. Not everyone has internet, or has a computer/smart phone…like the elderly, poor. You keep referring people to the CDC website for travel ban/restriction info. Why?? Tell the people!! You have platforms to do so. This is serious, and CDC, WHO are so casual about warning people.

  6. I understand that after 14 days a person could still be infectious. I also understand that up to 27 days could lapse asystematic. This is omg time. This is based on What they are seeing in China and elsewhere. There should be no one traveling to the USA unless they are guaranteed 27 days. What is the testing plan? Using 14 days and relying on just normal community mitigation you are allowing the threat to grow.

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