1. Hey Angie your videos have inspired me to get it together. I’m 33 and at my highest weight I was 333 I got severe gastritis and a bleeding ulcer and went down to 280 as soon as my appetite came back I started binging and snacking again. I never really eat a meal but I snack and binge a ton. I kept fluctuating between 290-297 I broke my ankle12/18 and since then I’m no as mobile as I usually am I got on the scale and I’m 309. So I made a grocery list and I’m going to meal prep. When I meal prep I’m good I don’t deter from it. Funny thing is I do know how to lose weight but I get tempted and I’m an emotional eater. Between the gastritis and Crohns over eating is painful it makes me extremely sick and I usually can’t keep my food down but the vicious cycle continues because I feel better I eat again. This time around I’m going to keep a journal I’m trying to pinpoint what makes me eat. I looked up chair exercises because I’m not cleared to workout because my ankle isn’t healing but it’s probably because of my awful diet. So I’m going to take my vitamins eat better and pray my ankle heals. My goal is my best friends wedding on October 13th I’m not going to set a goal weight because I get obsessed with scale and will weigh myself every day so I’m going to set a goal to stick with this new lifestyle.

  2. Hi, Angie! May I ask who created your channel logo and banner? I love your videos and look up to you so much! I promise I don't want a replica but I wanted to know if I could find a place to do one custom like you possibly did!

  3. I just came across your channel because we are going to Disney world in May for the first time. and I’m OBSESSED looooove all your stuff been binge watching this whole week 👍🏻

  4. Omg if you want an amazing cheat meal, hit up Vinnie's in Lauderdale-by-the-sea and try their chicken parm! 😍😍 so good! Also, they have a new fruit popsicle store across the street for a healthy sweet treat. Love your vids girly! 💜

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