1. Hey friends! So I guess I should clarify. Today’s video does have eggs. I meant it as in not your traditional egg breakfast. I’m sure we all have had eggs in every form. Thought something different would be great

  2. Ohhhhh my girl came in hot and heavy with the recipes 😆 I’ve been definitely experimenting with some ideas without just the normal eggs and bacon. Made muffins a couple weeks ago they were bomb 💗

  3. So delicious!! I think I’m gonna make the “hot pockets” for when I’m being lazy and I “think” my best option is Wendy’s lol. I’ve been going through…life 😂 so I’ve missed some of your videos but I’m still one of your biggest fans!! I just helped my sister start the Keto diet and I couldn’t stop talking about you and your channel and your family and your IG (which cracks me the hell up sometimes) 😆 I’m back on the wagon and look forward to watching your videos again!!❤️❤️❤️

  4. Saw the breakfast pockets and for some reason I thought of putting a cream cheese/ cheesecake mixture in side with strawberries to replicate the mcdonald's strawberry and crème pies they have. In cravings mode right now and I want all the sweets. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Love the muffins I’m gonna make those soon I just went shopping and bought a bunch of keto baking goods to make my own. I love your channel just started following you. Thank you for sharing..

  6. Love this video! I am thinking you could be a Keto chef or at least write a cookbook….you have the best recipes and you are a natural at explaining the steps. Thanks for always sharing your ideas!

  7. Yr getting yr own tab in my recipe binder, lol We have enjoyed so many of yr recipes. Not too many ingredients, low carb & easy, MY kind of cooking. ❤️ I can’t have berries so I’m going to use peaches for the muffin recipe. Thanks

  8. I love how real you are! The fast your using strawberries in stead of blueberries because of cost , I have a hard time watching people say things like “these were 500 bucks,, but I really wanted them” who lives life like that in real life?

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