1. Jacob, on Breathing. Just like anything else, doing more of the same training may get you a pound or two on your PR. Finding the places in your training where you spend little, or no time currently, are the places that will make you leap forward in your PR's.

  2. One of the best videos you have uploaded, IDK if it was because of the amount of information in it/my interests but thank you ones again. 🙏🏽💪🏽

    -A fan from Puerto Rico (I always gonna highlight were I'm from sorry)🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  3. Great video!! I'm a physiotherapist in Canada and often check people's breathing. You can also work to incorporate your pelvic floor muscles coordinating with your breath. Should be that deep, low inhale reaching all the way to your pelvic floor (they should give/relax slightly with the inhale), and then you can gently contract with a reciprocal activation on the exhale. A cue that I'll often use with make clients is to think about gently drawing "nuts to guts", because our pelvic floors contact to close and also lift slightly into the pelvic bowl. Attention to that deeper core stability system helps with so much. So you've learned a lot about the breathing, I'd just challenge for the extra step of figuring out the connection to your pelvic floor as well. Inhale – expand. Exhale – engage.

    Thanks for sharing, enjoyable video, and nice to see your humility on sharing what you were doing not great and are working on making better!

  4. thanks for video. i hate skill work, i ve taught running and breathing sequencing for years but desperately need to start at the beginning in the pool and with bar work. if jacob works on his grip and breathing for true progess then i literally have been choosing not to progress in pool or with barbell. Come to Canada more often, we are your biggest fans !

  5. As an avid Crossfitter and Mathematics professor, I loved that you used "negative slope" and "step function" to describe the vertical position of your body in the pool! Your collegiate major is showing through.

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