1. Sir if we use protein powder or protein x and then stop using it will we lose muscle mass or become fat

    My friend told that if we stop using these things then we will gain weight or fat

    And thanks for the videos sir

  2. Brother mare pase on whey gold proten ha par ma thin hu kya ma gainner aur proten ko sath me le sakta hu bsss ma je puchna chata hu jo whey prothen ha kya bo mare extra fat and caliories jo ma gainner se luga usko burn tu nhi karega pls brother tell me i m really confuse

  3. Sir please reply me i am 16 1/2 yr old boy I do running and pushup preparing for nda I want to gain muscle so can I use whey isolate please give suggestion I don't go any gym I do some stretching exercise running pushup so can I take

  4. Sir thank you for your videos..
    But I am still waiting for your video on A1 and A2 casein milk protien. Is Indicine(desi) cow milk is really beneficial then others?

  5. Sir ap kehtey hy weight loss ki koi exercise nhi hoti na koi drink tu hum weight loss kesey krey main ne ap ki 3 se 4 video dekhi muger ap ne weight loss krney ka triqa nhi btaya please tell me

  6. Hi, Bro Can you please guide me about my query about Eggs. Are eggs available at roadside safe are equipped with 5 g protein or Farms selling organic or better eggs with dard yellow yolk. Does these eggs have different protein and other vitamin and minerals.

  7. Your information is really appreciable , I am still waiting for more info on raw whey , and comparison of casein with whey in terms of muscle anabolism with respect to time . Thank you

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