1. If I hear any news about infections in my state I'm gonna wear one of these. They might look at me strange at first but this virus is much worse then the media wants you to know.

  2. Don’t listen to that clown. Your respirator cartridges will last significantly longer if stored in a plastic bag.  They are filled with activated carbon Activated carbon should be stored in closed bottles (or at least a plastic bag when it’s in a respirator filter), to prevent it from adsorbing various gasses and liquids from air. Also don’t leave your respirator  near volatile chemicals and avoid storage near strong oxidizers.

  3. Most respirators, such as 3M are sold at a premium price. The price may be justified for commercial uses, but too many home handymen or anyone performing cleaning tasks at home, that involve chemicals or dust particles, don't buy adequate protection.
    If you use aerosol cleaners, the occasional spray paint can, mixing powders like drywall compound or cement, you need both chemical and dust protection. Expect an initial investment of about $200 for the mask and filter assortment. Filter replacements will run at least $100 per year. Too many people fail to replace the contaminated filters when necessary and breath more contaminants from the filters than they would from the atmosphere.

  4. Im having problems with my 3m 6200 not sealing around my nose when i do pressure test, no matter how tight/where i place it i cant get the proper seal. The guy at the shop sold me a medium saying the large is for fat faces but i have a big nose that squished up against the inside of the resperator. When im just breathing threw the filters i feel no air leeks, how important is the pressure test?

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