1. Hi Bri! I love your goats and everything that you're doing. Just so you know Teatree oil can be toxic to dogs and cats so watch that they don't come in contact. Peace,Love,Goodvibes to you and yours.

  2. There's sevin dust (not natural) pyrethrin (semi natural) and permetherin (not natural) DE works as a precaution and to lower the initial amount of lice, but doesn't kill all bugs (in my experience) pyrethrin is a substance from Chrysanthemum plants, back in the day they would put it in their hair to treat for lice. I've also heard of neem oil being used for lice and mites.

  3. Reminded me of ecto-parasite lectures at college (parasitology course) – everyone was itching by the end, and only from auto-suggestion.Seriously though, would it be an idea to wear eye protection as well?

  4. Hello Bri, I am a little worried about using DE because at some point you will be cleaning out the stall and may breath it in. I use the ashes from my wood burner in my chickens dust baths and in their bedding. I also paint all perches and woodwork with old chip fat. This seems to stop the feet mites living in the wood. Justin's Chooks don't need it but ashes in the goats bedding may be safer than DE?

  5. Home Depot sells a duster for diamatatious earth for about 7 bucks. It's,a simple gadget that poof it out for a more even spread. I learned about it when researching something for my daughters chickens. I hope that helps.

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