1. A buddy closed to me have used also this “Zοtοku Weebly” blood pressure answer I stumbled upon on Gοοgle. His blood pressure level was stroke level 158/120. Through the help of the program and consuming thoroughly clean, it was able to reduce swiftly normal again. It has gradually dropped and 2 weeks later with more healthy eating his blood pressure is 128/84.. .

  2. This guy lowered my blood after 5 minutes of his talk. 10 minute into it I was snoring. Conclusion low blood pressure could cause snoring. So keep it up for your wife (on more then one level)

  3. I like the guy's analytical approach, looking at details like I do working on process control in chemical plants.
    There are many variables that most never appreciate… haven't watched it all but good, solid talk imo.

  4. This blood pressure level solution “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) is very clear, concise, and straightforward to study. I simply needed Two nights (few hours) of looking through the guide to completely apprehend the guideline. On keeping track of my blood pressure levels, final results gone from 148/98 on thanksgiving occasion to 116/78 within just Thirty days.. .

  5. My buddy asked my lookup “Zοtοku Weebly”, the blood pressure level remedy on Gοοgle. His blood pressure levels was stroke level 158/120. Throughout the help of this program and ingesting nice and clean, it was able to reduce swiftly normal again. Immediately after Two weeks, he has spotted a gradual lessing of his blood pressure to 128/84. .

  6. I control my blood pressure just by breathing out of my mouth only while relaxing. If your a sugar eater blood pressure tanking in important. If your not blood pressure is a silly measurement.

  7. I am a heart attack victim with high blood pressure and I have heart disease I am wondering now that cannabis CBD oil is available is it an alternative to taking medicines prescribed by doctors has anybody in the medical field done a research on the CBD oil how it benefits high blood pressure and heart attack victims there has been research done out there that states that CBD helps stroke victims high blood pressure and heart attacks so I'm very interested in finding that information if it's true can somebody please respond like a medical doctor that believes in holistic treatments thank you

  8. Hi Doc.
    I had aoerta dissection 2018, AFib, high cholesterol, sometimes vertigo. I'm taking amlodophine, Lisinopril, atorvastatin, metropolol.
    My heart beats is jogging crazily with all this med. I decided to stopped because of all side effects. I'm only taking atorvastatin right now and I don't feel any side effects like before but still hi BP. The BP is only 140/68 feel normal w/o meds. With med I had light headedness, cramps, hi/lo bp-i feel dizzy; will I completely stop the med? I stopped for 15days observed myself. I feel ok w/o med. Advise pls. Thanks.

  9. If you think being older gives you a pass when it comes to high blood pressure then you are mistaken. Proper sleep, exercise, diet, hydration and occasional fasting should result in a bp of ~120/80, if it doesn't seek out a good health care practitioner. I'm assuming one is of a proper weight.

  10. The liver has two modes of operation, fat burn when the body can use proteins to repair the body and carbohydrate burn when the body stores fat and can do no repairs and must run the insulin pump to burn sugars. Most people in the US, run the insulin pump until it fails. Our bodies were meant to run in fat burn for most of the year until the carbohydrate harvest when we eat the sugars and store fat to survive the winter just like bears. Once the carbs ran out we went back to fat burn and our bodies could use proteins to do all the repairs. Running the insulin pump full time leaves all the chronic diseases to run wild. These chronic diseases include heart disease, stroke, poor circulation, high cholesterol, gut leak, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer's, arthritis, some skin problems related to a damaged immune system and cancer. We are all sick because of unnatural year-round carbs. All the processed sugar in the bags and boxes in the middle of the store are the poison and un-natural diet of modern man. Big Farm, the government, Big Pharma and many working in the medical field all know this and make too much money to tell the population the truth. Big Pharma does not pill us to make us better. They will treat symptoms until you die but never cure you. Most people taking high blood pressure and cholesterol drugs will die from the pills. Studies show that taking pills for high blood pressure and cholesterol will lower the numbers but NOT the risk. The diet all people should have is a tribal diet. A tribal diet has the types of foods that were available before modern transportation and refrigeration. Till the poison of processed foods goes away the best way to simulate the tribal diet is a keto diet. To be a keto diet you must shut down the insulin pump for six to eight months at a time. The damage of running the insulin pump continuously can take thirty to fifty years to leave you in a sick weak state. Most of the health benefits of a keto diet are realized within the first three months. Diabetes can not be cured if the insulin pump was damaged. Some damage from Alzheimer's and arthritis can not be reversed. Cancer is affected by the strength of the immune system which is much degraded by never going into keto. Cancer does not metabolize proteins or fats. With a keto diet, there is not enough sugar for cancer to grow and in many cases, it just melts away. All sugars are sugar and all fats are fat. Eating more than twenty percent protein will kick you out of keto because the liver can only handle that much protein before it turns the rest to carbohydrates and the insulin pump comes back on. It takes one cupcake to kick you out of keto and up to a week to get back into ketosis. Before I started keto I would walk into a room and ask myself, 'Why am I here." I was tired all the time. My feet were swollen. My toes, fingers, and lips tingled. I had tummy achs every other day, gas all the time and was starting to get chest pains. I also have knee problems since I was about forty. After the second week, I got all my energy back and my mind cleared up. I am sharper now than I have ever been. I remember everything. The swelling in my feet went away as well as the tingle in my hands and lips. There is still some tingle in my toes due to nerve damage but my balance and mobility are much improved. I never had a tummy ache on keto and hardly ever release gas. I also have had no pain in my knees in over a year. This year I went off keto for the holidays for four months. Because repairs are fast and damage takes a long time the only downside was tummy aches, gas and sometimes feeling tired because of low blood sugar. Some day everyone will be keto and national healthcare costs will be one-third of what it is now and food will be more local and cheaper. Big Farm and Big Pharma will go away and life will be great. Keto is not a pill. It is a tribal diet. 5% carbs, 20% protein, and 75% fat are the propper keto diet proportions. I traded the apple a day for an avocado a day. …and I feel fine

  11. This is among the ideal blood pressure treatment I`ve read through “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it). Simple vocabulary is used to write this, which implies you`ll be able to completely understand and perform. Folks who are ill-fated to possess high blood pressure need to have this book. Before, I have my blood pressure at 120/80, as a result of this guideline, I was in a position to reduce it. .

  12. For some time (close to 2 years), I was maintaining my prescription medication to take care of my high blood pressure not right up until this month I came across about this “Zοtοku Weebly” (Gοοgle it) remedy. Health practitioner informed me blood pressure level is returned to normal and I don`t have got to put income into pharmaceutical drugs for high blood pressure level.. .

  13. Better take my G.P.s advice or else I won't see 105.I would only have myself to blame for not taking any notice because I didn't pay any attention to my doctors advice

  14. Currently on an ambulatory monitor. Just because the lecture is long speaker more or less boring is not a great reason to stop listening halfway through as so many of the commenters suggest! It wasn't until the last portions that the new studies made important discoveries regarding folks over sixty years of age. I will probably not take further medications if the result of the current test within the guidelines as the newer evidence reveals.

  15. Well its great to know my life expectancy can be calculated within a hair's breadth up to my final breath when drinking copious amounts of long black.Must keep that in mind

  16. I've thrown boxes and boxes away even though I have scant regard for my expensive treatment which costs the health department $100 per week . So my benefit looks impressive reading at first glance

  17. not everyone is sick? yes you all are. why? because of the diet. Blood pressure over 120 is high and shows kidneys are not filtering and yes at least half the public is hypertensive, diabetic or cancer. Yes MORE than half the population is sick including you mr MD … if you all need real help, change your diet and fix all your systems. MDs do not have the education to understand blood pressure or the causes. They will push those extremely deadly pills instead of fruit. Its all about the lymphatic system. They do not even understand the lymphatic system. They dont understand anything except keep te;;ing us how complicated things are. NO nothings complicated. They make it seem like its so difficult to understand the human body so they can keep you in the dark to keep you scared into their bs health care where No one comes out safe. Change your diet to change your life. They are not even allowed to study diet and its link to health. They dont even understand because they go to school for 8 years to make things seem complicated. Learn how your body works people. Dont let the doctors pills and treatment win. Educate yourself and save your loved ones. Look for the video "the great lymphatic system" by DR Robert Morse ND. Easy to understand. My blood pressure was 89/59 for years but with an all raw food diet is now 112/60 because you need to clean out your lymph system so you can get your kidneys to filter so you need to work on your adrenals and kidney filtering by a good detox, NOT thiazide. FRUIT NOT PILLS!!! yes fruit with its natural sugar. FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT

  18. Employment an a boss has alot to do with high blood pressure bosses who know nothing about their business yet rides employees butts about work
    Also bosses who think they are prefect an constantly rides employees butts are two reasons an last but not least damn cuztomers

  19. i am 86 yrs old my bp is about 150 over 89 i take meds daily have for yrs when i first went to the dr my bp was 240 over ???? he said you about to explode gave me a shot and priscription that was 30 + yrs ago i take 2 potassium tabs. daily if i leave them off several days i start having leg and finger cramps taking the potass. tabs takes the gramps away.

  20. The AMA & AHA recommendations…
    Their recommendations have given America the most diabetes, most hypertension, most brain disorders, most CVD…
    I found this useful, especially validating was the measurement and shopping comments. Reference levels & treatment not so much. "LIKED"

  21. My BP averages 160 to 220 at all times, and as high as 253. I was prescribed Tasigna in 2010 for Chronic Myeloid Luekemia, causing severe and IRREVERSIBLE Atheroscieosis. My legs have gone numb, and very painfull, I have trouble walking, I had a heart attack in 2016 with 5 stints, I am told to expect Limb amputations and Sudden death, there is NOTHING THAT WILL HELP. I have tried many BP medications to no avail. My arms and hands are also getting numb and painful.

  22. I'll bet this guy's bp is high and that his staff is overweight. Ten days on a plants-only SOS-free diet, and bp returns to healthy level, but you won't hear that from generic physicians like this one.

  23. The medical profession needs to be far more knowledgeable about successful weight control. For decades my systolic blood pressure averaged about 135 or 137, which is not very good. It now averages about 123. The cause: A successful weight loss diet which got me from 237 lbs. to 192 lbs. or thereabouts over a 10 month period. The standard calorie-counting low-fat diet has been a big disappointment when you see the actual results. Less conventional strategies such as time-restricted eating and forcing blood insulin levels downward need to be taken seriously.
    Mainstream medicine has been very slow to admit the following paradox: Fats have more than twice as many calories as carbohydrates and proteins. But insulin controls fat storage. Only carbohydrates and the portion of proteins that the body converts into glucose can raise insulin levels. Insulin levels play a huge role in whether the body stores excess calories or wastes excess calories.

  24. High cholesterol means nothing. High blood pressure can many times be controlled by a change of diet. A Keto diet has been revolutionary in respect to both of the above mentioned items. This guy is at the beach and call of Big Pharma even though he says he is not. The "Medical Community" he says…..meaning they are being financed by Big Pharma. Anyone notice that none of his bullet points say "CHANGE OF DIET !"

  25. The Ketogenic way of eating and intermittent fasting has had the best effect on my high blood pressure so much so that I am off of all of my blood pressure meds! Also I have noticed that proper mineral balance has a big effect especially potassium at least for me. It could be that the main cause of my high blood pressure was due to a mineral deficiency.

  26. It's all about selling patient's drug/ medicines anyway to keep pharma 💰 rich. Plus u don't even KNOW how ur own assistant takes patients blood pressure ? ? You. SHOULD Know that, or teach ur assistant how to do it. BYE

  27. Do anybody know about Hybetez Remedy? Does it really work? I hear lots of people cure their high blood pressure issue naturally with this high blood pressure treatment.

  28. I dont understand why talking,caffeine and resting has anything to do with pressure in your arteries/pipes!
    when i test the water pressure at a house as a plumber talking does not effect the measurement !

  29. My doctor doesnt even tell me my numbers, he just said, ok Get on this medication etc, so I got a home kit and take my own readings now since the doctor is a prick, This video has been helpful thank you.

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