1. I blanch and freeze my carrots. I freeze them in quart size freezer bags. The last several times I've made bean soup in my crockpot, I have put in a bag of carrots. It's a really nice addition to bean soup.

  2. Biddies are feathering out good! I got a couple of bunches of carrots from the fruit stand a week or so ago, dried the leaves, crushed them up and put them in a jar to use in soup and on salads…spicy! I love carrot cake, so muffins have to be tasty too! I fry sliced carrots in butter and maple syrup…YUM!

  3. I remember going to Kentucky and Tennessee around Easter and hearing the Whippoorwills in the wooded hills at late evening night time. Such a peaceful sound. Oh how I miss that time down there. .

  4. JudithB I grate carrots and squash into storage bowls for the frig. When I am doing eggs for breakfast, I throw in a handfull of carrots, squash and chopped onions in the skillet, when they soften some I break a couple of eggs on top of the vegies and mix it all together to cook. Really makes a healthy scrambled eggs! I throw some into the skillet for dinner with some burger or chicken, make a little gravey and serve on rice too! Easy way to use up a lot of vegies particularly if you are not inclined to eat them regularly!! LOL

  5. Hey Danny and Wanda, I'm thinking of water bath canning some wild edibles like nettles, plantain, etc that are growing around my place, do you have any thoughts on that or see any issues? I'm already thinking in terms of next fall/winter and having very little, if any money to spend. Of course, I will have some garden items, but I'd like to take advantage of nature's garden as well. Thanks!

  6. Wanda, so sorry your plans had to change. I gotta admit, I had wanted to go… and now I CAN via the internet. I have a suggestion for your carrots. I do a salad from whatever greens you have. It has a hot dressing. The recipe I base it on is from vegetarian times website. It's called Collard Green Coleslaw dated Jan.1st, 09. Instead of grating the carrots, I use a potato peeler and make carrot strips. The recipe has much more veg than you'd think vs. the greens… and it's an awesome change of pace for us.

  7. I'm glad you will e doing a live stream for the gathering. I'll probably never get to come personally, and this is the next best thing. Thank you for what you do for this community. Blessings to Deep South Homestead!

  8. I would love to be able to call in Sat, but unfortunately we have had so much rain here and we had a tornado hit right down the road from us. So due to so much going on and so much to clean up I won't be able to listen in. My chicken coop is a disaster from all this rain, I have not figured out how to deal with that yet. Tomorrow I will have to get it figured out. I wish you both the best and enjoy the online gathering. I think it will be awesome!!!

  9. Hello Danny and Wanda, I really enjoy your videos and look forward to being able to see some more. Here in Australia it is Autumn but i live in a sub tropical climate. I am growing all my garden in pots and am wondering i you have any suggestions. I AM currently trying to grow chilli, lettuce, cabbage, green beans, tomatoes and some Balinese corn. I have tried zucchini and pumpkins but have had no fruit form or i goes yellow and drops of. I grow in potting mix with nitrogen fertilizers , epsom salts and liquid fertilizers every 2 weeks. Am i missing anything that i should do. Water is no problem
    Thank you for taking the time to advise me , your knowledge make you a very valuable man and your wife has knowledge about canning and preserving. I am trying to look after my daring wife who was hit by a trunk when younger. She is paralyzed down the left side and has many other health problems. Both of us being around 60 years we are self isolating from the dreaded virus.once again thanks David Brown

  10. I'm looking forward to the virtual gathering. We will all be together virtually and spiritually! And that's what matters. ❤❤
    I got my beautiful puzzle, and the danny corn in the mail! Havent had a chance to work on the puzzle yet, do to working outside whether its raining or not. 🤣🤣
    Stay safe my friends, and God Bless! ❤❤

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