1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is his real voice? Seriously? I‘m german, so I‘ve always heard his synchronous voice in his movies and not his actual voice. I‘m done. I didn‘t think he could be any sexier or hotter. I love him. How is he human? If he isn’t the definition of the sexiest guy in the world I don‘t know what is…

  2. No way its him 😮 when he was reading freaky friday tweet I was like omg he looks like that guy from freaky friday!! And then he said freaky friday, it was the face he made or something. OMG! I had no fucking idea!!!

  3. I was just saying to myself hey this guy on the thumbnail looks like chad Michael.Murray and then I read the title and was like it is u I just watched u in TV last night on Cinderella story seen that movie before

  4. He will always be lucas scott for me. Damn he was so hot back then and still is. Him and james lafferty with long hair were two of the biggest crushes ive ever had on anyone ever. Miss tree hill so much. It was a great show and im so glad i got to watch it

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