1. Good and enjoyed watching your video..You have given tips and diet and pace generation, I feel like it was kind of high level overview. It would be great if you provide deep details, further I am not Hinidi speaker people around the world watching this platform. So please try to use more English words while speaking and if possible use English sub tittles.. Its great to see cricketers like you are sharing your experience in this platform, More than anything this is kind of service to the younger generation. Hats off to your effort.. Love from Tamil Nadu India.

  2. Aapne bola ki Indians aapko galliyan dete hai.. Aagar aap Indians logo ke samne unke super Star virat kohli ko bologe ke vo dar kar bhaag gya to kya hum aapki pooja kare.. Aapko kaise subscribe kare phir.. Soch kar bolna chahiye

  3. Oh bhai sahab aap kon ho ??
    Jo Itni Naseehate de rahe ho….
    Aapne cricket mei kya kia hai ??.GHANTA…
    Saala saari video mei NEGATIVE baate aur NEGATIVITY Feela rahe ho….
    Bhai Dafaa ho, aur videos mat banaya karo….
    Aaya bada Waseem Akram jo Cricket ke baare mei Mashware de raha hai…

  4. bahi dont comment on pakistan cricket if u was one of the best pace bowler u should played at 50 test matches like waqar yonus he had more 50 u shoulded played at least 20 even bro dont make money in youtube do another job dont make people fuel bro

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