1. CONCLUSION: I think your cold cream wasn't the best formula. I think wiping it off with a cotton pad soaked too much of it back off of your face and it wasn't getting the moisture it needed while you slept, to recover from the scrubbing. Also the scrubbing was probably too irritating for your sensitive skin. I like the routine but I think it could be modified a little bit and see success.

  2. I saw the title and thought: oh god they knew nothing about good health and hygiene in 1950! They barely knew what DNA was! never mind cell structure, and components and skin layers! In general, anything biology related is best kept in the modern day, including skin care! There are definitely bad products out there, but good ones nowadays know how to be good. (I shouldn't talk though, I breakout when I put anything on my face. I can't even wear makeup!)

  3. Jessica, as someone suffering from a very bad eczema flare these past months due to the constant handwashing and cleaning thanks to the coronavirus, I'm wondering if you've had eczema related problems due to the constant cleaning? I've been stuck at home for the past 3 weeks, and my hands are rougher than my grandmother's and the only thing keeping me sane when I look at my ugly hands and arms is my pink glitter manicure.

    Side Note: My skincare routine has gone out of the window because I can not longer wash my face like I usually do because wetting my hands feels like the skin is peeling off from them. I cannot wait to get out of quarantine and go to my dermatologist after this 🙁

  4. My Mum used to use Pears Soap – it was transparent and an amber colour, not green. I think it still comes in a transparent amber colour, so I'm confused seeing your green Pears soap? The amber soap is very gentle, but I don't know if the green one is? I've never seen anyone wash their face with soap like that – surely you're supposed to use way more water when lathering the soap, it's not supposed to be rubbed into the skin like a cream. Also, perhaps you're allergic to the perfume in Ponds Cold Cream?

  5. I don’t know what my grandmother did for her skincare routine, but I DO remember Ponds cold cream on her vanity. 😊 She had AMAZING skin! My great grandmother only used Oil of Olay. And SHE had amazing skin! My mother used to have good skin but ruined it with constant sun bathing in the 70’s and 80’s. As much as I love, love, LOVE the sun, I stopped tanning years ago when I saw the results on my mom’s skin. I don’t have, never have had, a skincare routine. I use warm water and a towel if I don’t wear makeup (and I usually don’t). I use Dove Sensitive Skin bar soap and warm water if I do. I don’t shower every day, like Jessica my skin hates it. So now I’m 51 and my skin looks good, so I’m not super worried about creating a routine now. Maybe when I turn 60?

  6. I like cold cream but I can't use it every day. I just keep it on hand for when I do more excessive make up and when we color our hair. We do fun colorsmoften and it removes color spots nicely.

  7. If you do end up wanting a skincare routine, DONT think you have to pile a bunch of stuff onto your skin! Spot test, slowly integrate them over the course of a few weeks, and make sure the ingredients fit your skin needs instead of what it says on the front of the bottle. Stay away from fragrances for sure, that will definitely upset your eczema. I saw somebody recommend micellar water for a quick and simple French routine.

  8. I have run out of cotton wool pads for removing eye make-up . So I am using cut squares of some surgical bandage I found in our pharmacy drawer . Really like your videos Jessica 👍👄👄👄

  9. Soap drying your skin and cold cream adding fat. Seems like a brilliant idea, those poor women. Jokes aside, I use cold cream in thin layers over night and don’t remove it. Works wonders.

  10. "What the hell?!" I love this side of you, Jessica. Also as someone with very dry skin, I felt pain watching you put bar soap on your face! I just use coconut oil to remove make up, because pretty much any soap makes my face skin sad.

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