1. Hi Farida…just so you know I'm going to work on helping you get to 300k before end of 2020!….it Will be my mission…xoxo….i absolutely love you…i now have tailbone length and i owe it to you and your knowledge and expertise…mwah mwah

  2. Where have you been? I finally got past just everything falling out to being stuck at neck/shoulder length hair with a lot of shedding still so I know growth is happening but retention and the "c area" on top of my hair (probably hormonal) have been my challenge. Watching you now there is hope!!! I start this weekend implementing slowly as you have suggested. I love your voice and beautiful spirit. Many many thanks…excited about my new hair journey because of you!

  3. Thank you so much for this video!! I love, love, LOVE oils for my hair!! My go-to is extra virgin olive oil because it's been the main oil that has helped my hair grow for the last two years and counting, and sometimes I infuse it with rosemary for my scalp and I LOVE the smell of rosemary!! But I also use sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, jb castor oil, sweet orange, rosemary, peppermint, lavender and tea tree oils!! I can't wait to start my new hair journey January 1st!! And yes, sleep deprivation is no joke!!💖😍

  4. Curly Proverbz Your hair is absolutely GORGEOUS and honestly, shrinkage signifies elastic, healthy hair!! I hope to have hair as healthy as yours by next year!!💖😍🙏

  5. Hi can you use fenugreek oil on thin hair?My scalp is damaged at the moment and I am having hair loss like way too much. I was doing a curry leaf water spray and it cause my scalp and hair to go very very dry. I left it in over night every night for 3 weeks and now my hair is in very weak condition. I just need my hair to be stronger, thicker and my hair loss to stop I am currently taking ashwagandha and just started taking MSM not sure what's the best thing to do. Please do you know how to help my hair and scalp? Thank you……….love and blessings

  6. I grew my hair to above my hips…took me 5 years never put any products directly on my scalp…so started watching you tube videos…hearing so much about amazing oils and started including them in my regimen..putting on scalp….and Lord have mercy the itching oh my…to the point my scalp got so tender and painful…started having a lot of scalp issues I never had before even waking at midnight to wash my hair just to scratch it…anyways back to no more products directly on my scalp..I rely on the oils or sebum my scalp produces

  7. I bought fenugreek powder…it smells of food seasoning…must have bought the wrong product…I asked the store clerk. He said I can use it for hair and food…do I have the right one

  8. Preach! Beautiful hair and you are so right! It has taken me 2 years after the big chop to learn what has been going wrong and why it was not retaining enough length. Oil is mandatory! Thank you.

  9. 1. Caster oil
    2. Amla
    3. Olive
    4. Chebe
    5. Garlic
    6. Onion
    7. Fenugreek
    8. Henna

    I get an inch growth a month. Since everyone else is measuring I said what the heck. My hair never looks the same and I get crazy growth spurts where it sometimes changes from morning to evening. I do use an electric massager on my Pinal gland for deep sleep benefits. It has some serious rpms. I sleep like a baby.

  10. Coconut oil is an anti-humectant. It'll leave a lot of people with dry and brittle hair. If you use coconut oil on your hair it'll lock in only the moisture you had in your hair at the time you put the coconut oil in your hair but will repell any additional moisture (i.e. Day 2, 3, 4, 5 of your hair not being washed). Olive oil is king. Castor oil is a nightmare for my family's mixed hair. It's too thick. I agree with her, only put it in the ends, never near or on the scalp.

  11. I swear by coconut oil for everything! I’ve recently added olive oil with peppermint oil and I see and feel a difference immediately. I use it on my face too. I’m still in the baby phase of my natural journey but I’m starting to look like one at 41!! 😂

  12. I have my hair reconditioned (basically a permenant relaxer) and this has helped keep my hair from excessively breaking, and also retaining length. I use the coconut oil as a base, olive oil, castor oil, almond oil. I put fenugreek and amla in there, the barest amounts of MSM, then for essential oils, rosemary, jojoba, either peppermint or an oil blended with peppermint. I do want to say that my hair kept breaking off and inch or so above my nips, but now we're about 5 inches from the tail bone. I never saw so much new growth without having to constantly trim ends. I'm up for a trim now, but this has changed my life. My scalp used to FLAKE FLAKE FLAKE and itch and burn. Now, when the oil is on I have NO flakes. Drinking more water also helped but i noticed a difference before the water. I use this oil to coat my ends as well. The only cons are that sometimes my face breaks out if I dont keep the hair away from it. Otherwise excellent results.

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