1. It's not the fact that our names our difficult, it's just that other languages don't train your tounge to speak properly every word, as Indians we don't have any problems pronouncing any word. In english you cant just look at a word and say with confidence that thats how it's pronounced, because there is no consistency

  2. I remember him saying it properly from time to time in his work, so I knew how it was pronounced, but I just figured it was what it was, that it was easier for an American English speaking audience to pronounce. It's not a natural emphasis in English. Colbert does it from time to time too. "Get it together ColBERT!"

    Everyone pronounces my name correctly, they just spell it wrong. Probably 90% of the time when I am telling my name to someone who needs to enter it in somewhere or write it down, they get it wrong. They always want to put A's in it. So I generally just spell it for them.

  3. I just saw Hasan's show where he was talking about how to pronounce his name so I had to find this clip on line. Hasan you didn't waste this opportunity so let your dad know you did the right thing. Us white folks expecting others to accomodate us needs to be relegated to the past.

  4. I love that he pronounces Timothée wrong. It's not the "th" in throw but the "th" in thyme. Also, the accent on the 'e' means it ends "ay". ie Tim-oh-tay

  5. I been seeing him on tv for years and just learned today after googling him we went to the same highschool. He graduated 4 years after me tho. And were the same race. Wow mind blown

  6. I'm glad he did this, researching and preparing ahead is a sign of respect. And a sign of self respect is correcting someone, he didn't make a big deal of it, he just stood up for himself, I think this kind of thing would be less of a big deal if we did it more often. I was always bothered by the lack of effort by the people giving out awards to correct pronounce names they were unfamiliar with. Just prep ahead. Do it when hiring people. Someone named Rajanikanth shouldn't have to change his name to Raj so his coworkers can say it easier, just practice a little, it's likely not the last Rajanikanth you'll meet. That being said, people adopting nicknames willingly is fine.

  7. Min-Haj is basically an Arabic word that means several things but i think in his name it means Open Path. Hasan means the good, a hasan man is a good looking man is a nice man is everything that you think is is good. my name is baker salahat. Baker is a leader and Salahat is righteous.

  8. I am a Malaysian. My surname is also Minhaj. Many of my western colleagues pronounce it as Minaj or some even pronounce it as Minjah instead of Minhaj with emphasise on the “h”✌️😉.

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