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     As you are well aware that the law of attraction states that like attracts like. This implies that whatever you are feeling and thinking on a subconscious level, you will attract that. Begin to analyze your beliefs about physical fitness and being obese if you are obese and wish to get in shape.

    These are the concerns you might be having:

    1. Is it an uphill task to lose weight and get into shape?

    2. Does being in shape means calorie counting, starving yourself for food or denial of something you like the most?

    3. When thinking about slimming down now, do memories of previous failures surround your mind?

    4. When considering workout, does it seem uninteresting or a duty to do?

    5. Do you wish to lose weight rapidly or are you thinking about lifestyle changes that will keep the weight off?

    6. Do you truly think that I can do this with the law of attraction?

    The reality is that it took you a long time to reach where you are today as it didn't happen overnight. You had experienced many thoughts and imaginations for a long time that resulted in yourself being overweight. You have developed a particular mindset and weight gain is simply a sign of this belief.

    By using the law of attraction, you will start to change those routines and practices and the above concerns will help you in identifying precisely how you feel about losing weight. Many people wish to lose weight rapidly with tablets, extreme diet plans and workout programs and although these things could take the weight off, it is harder to keep it off for ever, since an essential thing has not been taken care of which is – Your belief.

    By comprehending and making use of the law of attraction, you start to condition your mind to immediately make the right choices for making healthy changes in your everyday life that could result in a physique you have dreamed since long. Below are some easy steps in making use of the law of attraction to lose weight:

    1. Get your photo when you were of an ideal weight or a photo of somebody who is having the ideal shape.

    2. Get a pair of trousers that are 3 sizes bigger than your size.

    3. Chant an affirmation like "I'm looking my best " or " I'm in great shape ".

    In order to lose weight, you can also use the law of attraction for half an hour or so everyday wearing oversized clothes to help with the feeling of being slimmer. While doing that, you look at the ideal weight photograph and get involved in the feeling of being that which you are now. Then keep stating the affirmation you have developed for yourself. You can state it aloud or in your heart. You will find this entertaining and if you feel that you are doing it as a duty, then you are not doing it correctly. It could however be difficult to get into the feeling of being in shape if throughout your life, it has been the opposite. Practice will be very helpful here and try your best to feel great, slim and anything you wish to become throughout the 30 to 60 minutes every single day.

    Do not expect outcomes overnight, however if you stick to your everyday program, you will start to unconsciously make the right choices in your day-to-day life that will help you get in the shape you want. Don't forget that affirmations alone will not help but to accomplish your health goals, it is important to also get into the habit of eating healthy food, exercising on a regular basis and having proper rest as well.

    With the law of attraction, you will eventually discover that it is possible to look for healthy food choices and doing workouts for a better health and with continued devotion and determination, you will be among those people who have made use of this law to get into an ideal shape. 

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