1. Great Job!! Good vibes. Thanks for sharing this awesome video with us. You are speaking truth and positive to yourself. This video is very useful that wants to learn new things in life. I will definitely share your video with my friends. Lots of Love! Good Vibes and keep update more useful tips with us and I would like also to suggest you try https://youtu.be/BLmOT_WwZO0

  2. I need advice! Why is lukewarm water always recommended and not cold water? Is there knowledge behind this? … because I've always used cold water and since I've been using lukewarm water my acne is so much better …

  3. I really want to use sunscreen, but I live in Europe and the western sunscreens don't work for my skin. I have super sensitive and combination skin. I'm looking for a silicone based sunscreen, cause the most oils irritate my skin. Does someone have a good recommendation for me?
    Would be amazing 😘☀️

  4. Ok so I am 45 year old black woman I drink a lot of water but I do have dry skin but I don't look 45 I look younger. My skin care was once a week clean my face with rubbing alcohol after I clean it and then put Coco butter lotion on my face. I just started the wish trend skin but only once a week

  5. Eunice unnie ,i need your!
    My skin is oily and acne porne,this summer i got pimples on my forehead,they are painful,i never get these type of pimples and they are a bit large than normal ones.And the secretion is also too much! I wanted to use a face wash but what kind of, can you suggest? Will a toner be a help?

  6. Please make a video with 100% organic pure ecofriendly korean products.What do you think about Japanese skincare.Less is more and NOT use soo much skinproducts.Do uou know of any 100% pure good skincare organic ecofriendly or Japanese ones and 100 % pure skincare and hydralauric acid and peptide?

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