1. Mate, this is the most realistic and gentle way possible! I truly appreciate your thoughts on this. I have a similar scenario. Having patience for her to self motivate and putting the ball in her court is the kindest way to do it. Also, love the honesty of being gentle but clear on what your (the blokes) preference is. Great video!

  2. I wish women could have an honest discussion about this issue.
    Almost everyone, from family and friends to online agony aunts, prefer to shame you as shallow or take it personally!
    Finally some good advice – always ask a man

    So in essence – lead by example and she will follow, try to push her and you'll encounter resistance? Cool thanks 👍

  3. I got you bro, hit that like. I think something we need to give credit for weight gain is life stress and cortisol

    Stress kills us in so many ways, reduce the stress reduce the weight

  4. My mom is not extremely over weight I just don't want her to die early one day because I don't know what is do without her and the thought of this gives me anxiety 🙁 I don't know how to say "hey mom we should exercise" without coming if as "hey fat a** lets work out"

  5. I have been with my husband since 1999 and yet for some reason, I'm loving your videos! They are so informative and I find myself getting inspired as a woman! My husband is perfect but I'm always looking for self improvement.
    What I love is that you are giving examples of how men would feel is the roles were reversed. So many man channels never do that. A lot just bash women. Even though men and women are different, there is always a comparable example for a man.
    My husband and I both gained weight after we were married. Now we are mid 40s and in better shape than we were 20 years ago. I got us on board. It was easy. I just said, we are getting fat and we need to start dieting. He said, you're right! lol

  6. So my gf only look in my eyes when we laying in bed, even if we alone outdoor she dont look me in eyes – on the last party i noticed that she was looking at other guys in front of me when we talk and sometimes she didnt even noticed i say something to her so i started to look on other girls and she didnt even notice that – we are together for about 8months and for about 4months arguing little bit, on the previous party she started acting like she was really attracted to my good friends and say things like "i can fight bare chest, i can undress" she say she was joking but it was bad asf for me, she was sitting in a place where there was no one, and it was dark with her ex and she had tears in her eyes – I found her and when I wanted to go away with her she agreed when her ex say she can go – when I asked what she meant she would not tell me the same so he drunk I started to beat him – I know that her ex is not alpha, she is much thinner than her and so I do not care about him, but it's about her behavior, what's wrong and what should I do? I told her that if she wants to be with me, that she would not say such "sarcasm according to her" because I do not hate it — i know i dont like a nice guy but some tims i initiate contact, she texting me everyday but for a long time she act like she dont give a fuck about me – she approached my friend from the other side of the table, who did not even pay attention to her and said that she can undress and fight, 3 months ago at another party she started touching him in the frame and she followed him and when I told him not to flirt with him because it bothers me she started telling me how I can say something like that – she grabbed another friend hand and said that he would go talk to her and she would like to fight with him too, she could also "undress" at one point she playing with me but at other point she love me, what i should do?

  7. Thank you for the video. My wife gained 40 pounds since we were married on September 2nd. I couldn't believe it. I have been wondering how to motivate her to lose the weight and now I know how. Thanks again.

  8. well my crush has been getting really chubby lately and when i met her she was slim…i have noticed lately that im not as attractive to her anymore. Theres nothing i can do since im not dating her though

  9. Hey Dan I screwed up the proposal and we both agreed on a quick court wedding to come together (long distance) even though both of us wanted a nice ceremony. She’s not happy, constantly argues, blames me, threatens divorce at times, says she wants a man and so on. When she’s not arguing see seems happy and laughs a lot with me. I am utterly confused.
    What’s the right way to argue when she is blaming and insulting me?
    I often fight back in defence, tell her I’ll fix it or tell her to just move on but I suspect these are bad ideas.

  10. Dan, I love your videos. They've been a great source of information and inspiration. Could you please make a video discussing what to do if she asks for "space"? Thanks!

  11. Hey Dan I'm in a long distance relationship and things have been rocky with her and it doesn't even seem like she thinks we are together anymore. She doesn't act like it, but she hasn't broken up with me. It's all vague and she would just ignore my messages and reply a day later etc. Then I did some flirting and later booked a flight and told her. She seemed happy about it but still didn't talk much. I tried talking to her the following days. On one day she even said you picked a bad time to come and said she's busy on two days. But those days are before I even arrive, not sure if she's just being silly there. Then I said that's before I come and she said phew I got worried. Then I kind of gave up on talking and left her on read because she doesn't reply the whole day constantly then all of a sudden the next day after I left her on read she said she feels stressed. Then she said she wishes I talked to her about it some more before booking it. But she didn't say that until a week after I booked it. Then I kept kind of teasing her and she called me a dick and said she'll talk later. She said she'll talk later again a bit later then she ended up saying leave me alone. Not sure what to make of that since she just went from being happy about it to just getting angry at me. She had every chance to tell me not to come before that. Is she just testing me? I don't get it anymore

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