1. Veganism is about wanting to do the least harm to animals as possible 💚 everyone messes up sometimes and the people that attack you or criticize you for accidentally eating animal products are in the wrong!! That is no way to promote veganism. I love that you’re so open & you share your recipes & talk about protecting animals. That’s the right way to spread love for animals!! 🤗 don’t be afraid of the word vegan 🌱 fuck all the haters because they’re not perfect either! Love you! 🥰

  2. daisy, thank you for continuing to post during this time. You have given me the courage to start my channel back up where I am posting my workout, weight gain journey etc. THANK YOU for inspiring be safe

    xoxo, zemy

  3. And thank you for saying shoutout to people that have to work , I work in fast food and people are so disrespectful to us still even with this and lie to get free food it’s horrible I wish I could do this quarantine I literally cry everyday I go to work but I have to because I’m a manger and 2 already left and have nobody really left

  4. Thank you for that, I need my own space too even in a relationship. I would buy your cookbook 🙋🏻‍♀️ & Thank you for your videos, you're very helpful 🙌🏻 & Is there a difference between 'plant-based' & 'vegetarian' ?

  5. I’ve always been thickie in my lower body and I’ve always had hip dips. Thank you for talking about them! When the trend that hip dips were “bad” or made you look “less fit” I started to feel bad about my body buttttt girl I know how hard I’ve worked to get to where I am with my physique. We poppin’ over here, hip dips and all!!

  6. Costco grocery haul? I like to save where I can so I’d like to see what you buy in bulk especially right now during social distancing as I don’t want to be in and out of the grocery store too much

  7. I have hella hip dips, & it’s funny cause I didn’t think it was a bad thing either until I seen people making videos about them. Then I was like oh I’m not supposed to have those? Lmfaoo I love my body still. 💘 patience with yourself is key ! I love the advice you gave 🙏🏼

  8. okay so when i started watching your videos i was so inspired stocked up on healthy foods made a whole workout routine and even bought a white board to keep track of everything. but my only problem is that i am lacking self discipline like i know i should be working out but i just don’t 😩 i think it’s some type of fear like maybe i’m too comfortable

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