1. Love the Ardell Cameraflage foundation…it's just 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!! So grateful that you recommended it! I got the wrong shade, but I still wear it 🤣🤣 because the finish amazing. Xoxo

  2. If I do this I will cry haha.Your eyes look different,brighter…I love the highlighter.I looked on Istagram but could't find what was it.
    Don't you want to take out all the things you didn't use yet and make a rotation?It's like having new makeup…xo

  3. Oh girl, I discovered Beauty Bay just in 2019 and in one year I had 9 hauls… embarrassing! I wish they gave more discount options rather than makeup or stuff I'll never use (like that thing to hold your smartphone… such a pity I don't use them T.T).
    I love my Sugarpill makeup (singles and different lipsticks), and hate Juvia's Place (the lipsticks), Jeffree green glittery lipsticks (awful) and Sample Beauty loose pigment which should have been a glittery orange and instead looked like crap, no matter what I did T.T
    And Wet N' Wild was a bit hit or miss.
    For skincare I liked The Ordinary and the natural lip balms from Skin and Tonic London (which of course disappeared from the site).
    I hate that BB doesn't have Lunatick Cosmetick, Beauty Bakerie and Makeup Geek anymore, why??? I saw Storybook cosmetics (that weird brand guilty of those weird rose shaped brushes) disappeared from there as well, so weird!

  4. So fun that you mentioned that Jouer bronzer! I just got it a week ago and LOVE it already!
    You were so quite mentioning the Norvina palette, haha, one can really tell you love it!💜

  5. Have you tried the ShopMissA sponges (can't remember if I've seen them on your channel)? I bought a pack after AmyLovesMakeup raved about them and now I use them everyday — so bouncy and soft! Also they're only $1 usd each.

  6. I've forgotten to use my Milani eye primer a few times and didn't notice a difference in the wear of my shadows. Now I feel like I need to do a wear test with one each at the same time just to check. My idea of science.

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