1. nice but wrong, as IBM goes just look at their typewriters coming out in the 70's, Blue, Red, Green or Mainframe computers Most Cray's we put out in multiple colors with bench seats put around as a display in corporate offices. I will toss in by what was considered New Space-age at the time Silver and Gold with Black and White. Used for temperature control and hi visibility in a blinding White or the Blackest Black.

  2. I am completely sure you are wrong on the beige color just because business were loving it. No, it is not so simple. Having any color you want or at least a few to choose from is rather recent possibility. Color adds cost, some colors were ridiculously pricey in 70ties or even 80ties – only the luxury cars could have them. Businesses care about costs, not colors. It is a luxury we have now for the majority of 1st world people, not then. I am pretty sure coloring plastics have had some similarities with car colors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab2u-iGN3uk

  3. The 2005 onwards is the death of retro for me.
    PCs go from beige to black.
    Operating systems get cleaner looking.
    Platforms mostly die off.

    Not very good

  4. Correction: The NeXT Cube came first. The NeXTstation “pizza box” followed.

    And by the time the MacPlus came around, the casing for all Mac-related stuff was much closer to white/ivory/bone.

  5. I see your Dell OptPlex 466/Le in your picture.

    I have a OptiPlex 450/Le (it has a Intel POD 83 MHz processor in it).
    I found it at a thrift store back in the year 2002 in the USA for $10 USD.

  6. I know some people get nostalgic for the beige and off coloured white look but i always thought it looked ugly and very utilitarian. Whilst black isn't the fanciest of colours it at least looks sleek

    Looking at the comments about the whole pronunciation of beige stuff we've always pronounced it the way you have here (Merseyside). Didn't even realise there was another way to pronounce it

  7. I remember one of the early attempts at going against the computer color grain when Acer launched their new Aspire line in 1995 with the bold color of Emerald Green and featuring purple accents. Definitely stood out.

  8. Swedish computer manufacturers like Ericsson, Facit, Luxor had really beige computers, more towards light brown in colour. Thus you can't 'retrobrite' them, they looked like crap straight out of the factory for some reason.
    However most of the Swedish computer industry was taken over by Nokia and later ICL. Which had really striking design and colour choices. Then towards late 90's taken over by Fujitsu and the design became white and bland like all other computers.

  9. the old beige boxes were practical at the time, set the crt on top. then, tower placed under the desk became more practical. All makes sense. Who the hell thought a cube case was a good idea? I remember in the mid to late 2000s , Cube cases were "cool". The computer and monitor took up real estate on the desk.

  10. My first PC was a beige box. A Goldstar 286 with 1 meg of ram. Many an hour whiled away on the likes of Carrier Command, Commander Keen, Monkey Island 2, Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Wolfenstein (Doom was a bit of reach).

  11. lol these colorful imacs sure look like chinese toys to me. or cheap rodent cage accessories. ill never get what people see in em, even less why it is featured in design books.

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