1. Ok maybe it was just me but I felt like O saw some instant results with that night cream on your skin. Your skin looked fresh and “happy” Lol. I use the Sephora AHA skin firming night cream and it makes my skin look and feel great in the morning. The Sephora C+E serum definitely brightens my skin too. I bought the Sephora brand of these products because I was just wanting to test out these ingredients. But I will keep using them! ❤️❣️

  2. When I saw the title of this video, I thought I’d buy what you use since your complexion looks so great but I am concerned about using a facial cleanser that has soy in it since 99% of soy is GMO.

  3. David thank you for advice. I bought the make up forever concealer n it solve my problem of dark circles of decades!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. So I was curious: aha’s & vitamin c’s can work against each other and cause irritation/cancel each other out. What makes these 2 play ok together in the products you have used in this video.

  5. I'm obsessing over herbivore bakuchiol serum its changed my skin I'm stocking up during the sale. Also drunk elephant retinol I'm in the market for an amazing eye cream I'm eyeing the new glow recipe. Love these skincare videos.

  6. David, you are an OUTSTANDING artist & teacher!!! Sephora is lucky to have you and there is not a single time that I watch your videos & I don’t learn something or enjoy it! Not only did you explain everything clearly, but I feel this is a really necessary topic to be discussed because honestly, there are SO many products to choose from, all claiming to do this or that and that they’re the best…it’s overwhelming for me personally at times. This helps me narrow down what kind of products I should use & how to use them properly. I would love to learn more on skincare. Thank you so much for making my night❣️❣️👍🏻❌⭕️✨🤩

  7. Can we use acid peel and vitamin C at the same time? I would love to add vit C both AM and PM in my routine but I’m timing vit C in AM and retinol or acid peel in PM.

  8. Hi I just subscribed to this channel because I love your tutorials 😘 So going back to the tutorial lol. I apply all the steps down my neck right? Except the eye cream obviously?

  9. The herbivore bakuchiol serum is purging my skin like crazy but I can already see it starting to smooth out , recommend everyone trying it . It doesn’t irritate my dermatitis

  10. David you are so patient with us, thank you for being so wonderful. I’ve read some scary reviews about the Kiehls eye cream, like it has a bunch of parabens and sulphates etc. I’m desperately looking for an eye cream, help me please!!!

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