1. You are saying the names too fast and not in script below either. I don't think you even said the name of the last one at all. Too rushed in what otherwise would have been a fun video. You know women like guys who take a little time. 😉

  2. I started wearing perfume because of this channel I wear DG Light blue intense & Marc Jacobs Decadence & everyone freaks out. I feel so sexy & confident sounds lame perhaps but it’s true

  3. Oh wow ok! Of course i know that guys loves la vie est belle on us and especially the younger generations,and that mon Guerlain is probably to mature for him, but that he prefers it over la belle, i didn't expected.. But on the other side it's mostly at least for me, that man enjoys the more simple sweet fragrances more on me, than with one of my niche fragrances, or that from my niche ones they usally prefer, something from Creee, Montale & Co, just the more common fragrances, good for the purse, bad for my addiction;)

  4. Jeremy u & ur friend are so attractive lol. thanks for this video. Can you please speak on what characteristics makes a fragrance suited for spring & summer, for example warm is considered for winter? But I think understand what’s a warm fragrance

  5. What a cute guy! He has really pretty eyes and good hair. My husband got his first haircut in forever yesterday. My sons are still scruffy. My oldest has very blonde hair at age 19 he’s very lucky.

  6. Hi Jeremy,
    I´m currently looking for a fragrance that I can use during spring and summer time for all occasions and I´m left with dior savage or dolce & gabbana light blue intense. Which should I choose?

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