1. What I wouldn’t give to do a group workout 😭 I finally got my hands on some weights after my first set was stolen in the mail, so I get to start strength training in my garage!

  2. Thanks Kim for letting us know your address. Now I’m really jealous, you are so close to the ocean. My Father in-law lived in Winter Haven but he has past on to a better life in Heaven. It was always nice to visit him. My plans are to retire there someday. You are looking great. Red is your color.

  3. Hi Kim! Thanks so much for the salad prep idea. I now wash my lettuce well, dry as much as possible and place in ziplocks with a paper towel. I swear what a time saver! I’m actually excited to eat a salad a day now!

  4. Kim, I’ve been watching you for at least a year and I think you are just lovely. Your comments about your knees and running got my attention. I have been a competitive running for many years and I have more of a muscular build. You have pumped up your mileage/wk and the pain you are feeling can be your running shoes. You need to invest in a very good shoe FOR running. I suggest New Balance, ASICS Gel, or Brooks. At your size you need something with a lot of cushion and support. If your knee hurts on the side on the outside you are a pronator, therefore you need a shoe for motion control as well. Shoes are a huge deal when you are running 3 or more days/wk. This is an investment and a good pair will cost ya about $150.00. I know ouch! But you only have one body and running is hard on it. Also, you will have to replace them often. If you can bend the shoe in half without much effort they are broken down and no good. One more tip try not to run on the cement (sidewalk) it is too hard. Even asphalt is better, run against the traffic, so you can see what’s ahead instead of what you can’t see coming from behind. I’ve got lots of miles on my knees and I had a job on my feet all my life, and I not petite, but my knees and hips feel good still. Shoes!! Very important!! For runners. Happy Trails and I’ll keep watching.

  5. I am at my lowest point in my life right now and I found you a few months ago and you have been such an inspiration to me. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for giving me the courage and know how to start my weight loss journey

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