1. May I ask why you use homemade unfortified almond milk instead of store bought almond milk that is fortified with things like calcium, vitamin b12, vitamin D, etc? Not being rude, just curious 😋

  2. Hey Liv! I think your channel is losing diversity, you should spice it up 😉 You could talk about diferent teas and effects on us for example, recipies that are not just keto desert, salads, smothies and almond flour based pancakes maybe. Who else agrees? 👍🏼

  3. why is all her food so aesthetically pleasing i love it all so much

    p.s. im a small youtuber and made a video that’s similar if anyone want to check it out i would appreciate it! i’m down to support other small creators as well!

  4. For those not familiar with magnesium, be careful. Take capsules as directed and go slow and take less of the powder… otherwise you’ll spend the night on the toilet 😉

  5. I just watched your almond milk video and I’m totally gonna make it, love your videos so much thank you inspire me to eat healthy.
    Edit:Your food looks so good like if you agree ❤️

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