1. Mam I am doing foods and nutrition course…will you please give me some suggestions to become a sports nutrition….is there any exams to do….it mam….

  2. Tell about our views diet mam we don’t want others diet story. Normal person how to maintain their weight tell about that tips don’t tell these kind of interviews it’s really waste of time for viewers.

  3. She has no clue what she is talking about. What really matters is the calories you eat and the calories you spent in a day. That’s is what determines if you’ll gain or lose weight. It’s very simple. These people make it sound like rocket science and confuse us.

  4. I eat only 1 chapatis at night yet I nvr lose 1 kg also. Day time brown rice. N I do light exercise but still no chgs. So I know theres 1 more problem- hormone affect in our body plays an important role…to increase metabolism.

    As I read, at least 4 hrs dont sit straight
    .walk 10k steps.

    First Indians are easily overweight coz we use a lot f oil even butter. Both are saturated fat
    Need to use olive oil but less and more veggies and fruits. Fruits do have fat but not high.

  5. IT la work panra apo epdi maam active ah irukratu 😥Throughout the day la active ah iruka mudiyathu antha persons nala……Vela mudiyura varaikum entirikave mudiyathu🤦‍♀️

  6. Diet weight loss ku mattum illa. Healthy a irukarathukum than pa. Pakka chubby a irunthalum avanga healthy a irukalam. Doesn't matter. Please don't judge others. Avangala pakatatha vittutu avanga solrathula nallathu iruntha eduthukanga….. illla na vittudinga. Don't negative comments …….

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