1. If you put oil on your pasta, the sauce won't stick to it. Just don't leave it sitting for more than a minute or two after you drain it, and it won't stick together.

  2. Vegan crack – nutritional yeast. So true. However as a little idea if someone doesn‘t have all the incrediences at home: instead of the tofu, cashews and milk one can just use Soy cream with the nutritional yeast. Way cheaper and easier to come by. Then you cook it with the mushrooms for a short while, season and ad the pasta.

  3. Love your recipes and looking forward to British classics. And as for smoked salt at home, there's this lovely Italian-Canadian lady named Connie who did it on her channel, it's worth checking out if you haven't already. But I'm sure lots of the audience is intertwined, since she's also vegan.

  4. Just out of curiosity: Are you planning on doing ultra-short ("Tasty-style") recipe videos again in the future? I always prefered those over 20-30min videos.

  5. We use tempeh for the bacon! Basically the same marinade as BOSH use for the mushrooms and then we fry the tempeh (make sure it's cut nice and thin) for a few minutes and then add it to the carbonara 😋

    Thanks BOSH for doing these every day 😊✌️

  6. One of the things I like in your live program is that you never try to con the viewers into thinking that you always hit the point with the seasoning. You taste it and if needs to be corrected you do it. Always amazing recipes. Keep on doing so. Hi from Brazil

  7. I love BOSH, they are the best!!! Your videos even inspired me to start my own vegan channel! Yesterday I uploaded my first recipe of the Easiest Vegan chocolate truffles AND sugar FREE! I would love some support and feedback on how I did! 🙂

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